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We like big words but not when small ones will do

We are IT experts, but we talk your language

We know that you are super busy running your business or department, and the thought of a conversation about IT solutions and efficiencies may fill you with dread, that’s why we won’t use jargon or talk about complex functions you don’t need.

Our IT want-to-be superheroes love a challenge, the bigger the better. But just because we love high-level solutions doesn’t mean you won’t understand what we are saying. We are IT experts, but we talk your language. We can bore you with the detail if you want us to but mostly you will just feel satisfied that your IT, your business, is in safe hands.

The Commander

Busy in the virtual world and this, the Commander’s main mission is ‘perfection’. Far from sounding like a mission impossible, for the Commander the only thing that’s impossible is taking it easy! We suspect that the Commander likes work more than rest, since he’s very good at talking about holidays, but not so good at taking them. Don’t worry Commander, Iceland and Hawaii will wait. Could you really be away from your car for that long anyway…?


Does chocolate grow on trees in Cyprus? Lorraine can tell you. She is an expert on Cyprus, as well as customer service, account management, and… chocolate! A calming influence with her zen vibes, Lorraine is Cultrix’s resident councillor and feng shui guide, offering advice (and chocolate) to all. Cultrix customers couldn’t be in better hands.


Dawn has all the va-va-voom needed to be the perfect Business Development Manager for Cultrix. She says she dreams about cars and a place called Fig Tree Bay, but really, far from being a dreamer, Dawn’s 20 years experience in sales makes her a switched-on go-getter who never stops doing, for Cultrix and all our customers.


Sam works to the complex codes that are hidden in the secrets of the universe. There’s no point asking him to explain because you’ll only get such cryptic answers as ‘blue is a colour, that isn’t red’. Maverick and mysterious, he’d like three garages and five bedrooms in his dream house. Why? We don’t like to ask. We’re proud to have him as our Cultrix Senior System Support Technician, because he brings colour to the office, but not red.


While all around him lose their head… Lee is as cool as a cucumber, confidently cheering Sheffield Wednesday on to success. A level-headed team player, Lee pursues his knowledge of IT with determination, pausing every once in a while to imagine how hot it might be in Brazil when he goes there to watch England play, and if he should wear a white shirt or blue one. Cultrix colleagues know he’ll make the right decision.


If you need advice about coffee, see Adrian. In fact if you need advice about anything, see Adrian. It’s a designer’s role in life to have opinions, because they have to know what looks good and what doesn’t. Think about how much ‘looking’ we do in life… advertising, styling, first impressions and, well, design. Adrian is our Cultrix expert-eye designer. And for all that looking, and talking about design you need a lot of energy, which is where the coffee comes in…