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We like big words but not when small ones will do

We are IT experts, but we talk your language

We know that you are super busy running your business or department, and the thought of a conversation about IT solutions and efficiencies may fill you with dread, that’s why we won’t use jargon or talk about complex functions you don’t need.

Our IT want-to-be superheroes love a challenge, the bigger the better. But just because we love high-level solutions doesn’t mean you won’t understand what we are saying. We are IT experts, but we talk your language. We can bore you with the detail if you want us to but mostly you will just feel satisfied that your IT, your business, is in safe hands.

Management Team

Managing Director

“I studied Cybernetics at Bradford University, which is the study of the relationship between humans and computers. It was a lot of programming and robotics (and playing with Lego!). As part of the course, I started a work placement with ITSUVO (the IT Support Unit for Voluntary Organisations) but this ended abruptly due to funding issues and its subsequent closure. It’s long story but from this arose my opportunity to set up Cultrix. My placement was extremely valuable experience in industry. In my short time at ITSUVO I developed an interest in programming web applications, which has since become my specialism and I now write advanced database driven applications that put businesses online.

At Cultrix we recognise the importance of work placements and operate a successful apprenticeship programme where young people can gain valuable work experience, learning and, usually, eventual employment, with real life IT experts. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to IT I will admit, but I like to think we keep things personal at Cultrix. We might have our heads in IT solutions but we’re not too serious here! We have to work for many years and I believe people should enjoy it so we do everything we can to support each other and our customers; Cultrix is more like a family, as many of our team, and customers will tell you.”

Accounts Manager

“Before I came to Cultrix I was an IT virgin and supervised a shoe store.”

Cultrix accounts could not be in better hands. Lorraine studied business economics and maths. She brings all the necessary qualities to the role of account management. “It’s all about having a great attitude to customer service and pride in the job. Oh, and a sense of humour.”

“The best thing about working at Cultrix is being part of a great team. Although no offence to the team, but I do like to take holidays from them when I can! Usually at our second home in Cyprus with friends and family.”

Operations and Relations Manager

Dawn attended Broadway Barnsley then Barnsley College before working in a clerical office. 

“I have become a technology-geek since working at Cultrix. It’s got under my skin. Probably because I like problem-solving. I have a real can-do attitude and I’m fascinated by how technology can provide solutions. That’s the really great part of my job – getting it right for our customers, and seeing time and again that there is always a way to achieve what you want to achieve.”

In her spare time Dawn loves to get the family together for Sunday lunch and spend time with her son and daughter. “I also love music, and True Crime, the darker the better.”

Service Desk Manager

Sam joined Cultrix straight from an education in business and IT. He has an interest in emerging technologies and as the Helpdesk Manager brings a talent for solving problems.

“It’s a relaxed atmosphere at Cultrix, which helps everyone work together on issues when there is a group effort required.”

In between solving problems, Sam can be found planning his next flight out to his latest holiday destination.

Assistant Service Desk Manager

Lee came to Cultrix with a background already as an IT technician, and he also studied ICT and business at college. 

“It’s great to work with such a switched-on team where you get feedback about your work, from customers and each other. It means we are all learning all the time. If I were a customer that would give me great confidence.”

“What do I bring to Cultrix? A good work-rate, excellent first-line technical skills and a genuine enjoyment in customer communication.”

Lee loves to spend time with his son Cohen, go to the gym and support Sheffield Wednesday.

Online Services

Web Designer

“At Cultrix we really care that the websites we create for clients are the absolute best they can be, both in terms of innovative design and functionality. For me, as a self-confessed design-geek, it’s a great place to work. I have goals I want to reach with every digital project we undertake and it’s enjoyable to go on those journeys with the customer and the team to achieve them.”

Coffee-connoisseur and food lover, Adrian is a keen cook and on Sundays can usually be found in the kitchen cooking the roast dinner, if he isn’t catching up on the cricket, rugby or football.

Web Developer

“Understanding accounting really helps in my work as a web developer as programmers need to be good with formulas,” says Matthew. “I enjoy working hard to get things done. That goes for my spare time too. I visit the gym five times a week and play football. I enjoy a lot of sport but I can sit still too.”

It is probably Matthew’s hard-working attitude and interest in sport that give him a drive for success. He studied IT and accounting at College before joining the Cultrix team as a dedicated web developer with a genuine interest in just that – developing websites.


“I make sure that all Cultrix communications, from the words on the website to every email, press release and customer-facing correspondence is engaging and speaks the Cultrix brand. Cultrix are extremely active so there is always a good news story to tell or an interesting product to write about - in our upbeat Cultrix style. I love copywriting and I love innovation so this is the perfect job for me.”

Rachel is also a qualified, experienced proofreader and blog writer so she’s as happy getting her red pen out on our documents as she is interpreting techie news items into plain English.

Managed Service Desk

Service Desk Technician

“I understand customer service. I believe it’s all in the attitude. I take pride in it and in a job well done. My willingness to get something right is one of the main things I bring. I don’t like leaving a job that is not totally finished. I think it’s my background and experience in customer service that helps.” 

Callum worked in customer-facing roles previous to Cultrix and studied creative media, TV and film so he understands about interaction.

“I enjoy speaking to all our different customers and working with them on the challenges they can present. And as a gamer, I’ve had experience of building computers, which has stood me in good stead for an IT career.”

“I like keeping fit and active. I go to the gym a lot. I also play six-a-side football league once a week. And there’s tenpin bowling, which I play semi-professionally for Barnsley and Yorkshire.”

Service Desk Technician

Prior to being accepted onto the Cultrix Apprenticeship Programme, Tom studied IT system support, music and media at College. His approachable attitude and analytical skills serve him well as a member of the Cultrix customer service team. “I take a lot of pride in my work and like to do the best I possibly can for the customer. The atmosphere is great at Cultrix, for learning and for feeling the buzz of being part of a customer-dedicated team.”

Both IT and music continue to be areas of interest. Tom says, “I’m always striving to learn and achieve something new so whether that’s restoring another vintage Mac or learning a new instrument, I’m always busy.”

Service Desk Technician Apprentice

Rhys studied Information Technology before becoming a Field Technician. He’s now a Cultrix apprentice on the service desk, bringing with him all his knowledge and experience to date. Rhys is already a proactive member of the team, enjoying the positive working atmosphere and where he can share his wider interest in virtualisation with fellow techies. He’s also a keen Rugby League fan.

Service Desk Technician Apprentice

Ethan used to be a trainee joiner, but with an interest in coding and having studied interactive media he is now positively happy to be at Cultrix!

An upbeat, positive person, Ethan really contributes to the friendly working environment. Always busy when not at work too, with football and the gym, it’s good that Ethan can also enjoy some downtime, catching up with Netflix.

Service Desk Technician Apprentice

Jack studied IT at college before coming to Cultrix. At school he finds that he mostly studied subjects beginning with the letter G, like Geography, German and Graphics!

Now he’s a ‘grafter’ at Cultrix and a hands-on member of the team, learning from the skilled Cultrix technicians with every new call he gets involved in. With an interest in IT hardware and a professional attitude to customer service, Jack is an asset to the Cultrix service desk team.

Service Desk Support Assistant

“Knowing that I work for a company that cares about its customers 100% of the time is the best thing about being part of the Cultrix team. It’s good to know when you go home each night that you will have made a customer’s working day just that little bit – or a lot! – easier.”

Ex-drama and English student, Emma, is kept busy at home by her two small children Thomas and Ethan but occasionally manages to find time to be in the kitchen for her favourite hobby, which is baking and decorating cupcakes.

Facilities and Logistics Assistant

Father of Shaun Wilders, Managing Director, Dave’s area of governance is the business functioning of Cultrix.

“I make sure that all the practicalities of running a business are in place so that everything runs as smoothly and efficiently as it possibly can. Not only as a business function, although I have a technical interest in that process, but that people-wise everyone has everything they need to be happy in their roles; and get the maximum pride they can from a job well-done. It’s Shaun and his team who take care of the customers and their IT; I take care of the team. We’re a close family outside of work so I guess the team atmosphere at Cultrix is an extension of that. So if someone needs cheering up, or help with something, I want to take care of it.”

When Dave isn’t supporting Cultrix and the team he can occasionally be found on the golf course; he admits it’s an area for self-improvement. He enjoys rugby league too but most of all, spending time with the family and holidaying in Cyprus.

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