Cultrix 28.03.09 picture by Roger Moody

We believe we always work at Cultrix with the ‘bigger picture’ in mind. From creating IT solutions that are customer-focused, to providing a supportive, family environment to work in, we are a company that has people at its core. We are as proud of our high customer-happiness ratings, as we are of our happy employees, and that means those on our apprenticeship programme too.

So we couldn’t have been happier when we learned that Steven, from one of our first apprenticeship programmes was to set up his own business. At Cultrix, we want the best for our apprentices, so we invest heavily in their training. Steven learned first-hand, along with our other apprentices, not only the technicalities of high-quality IT support and great customer service, but also about being part of, and running, a business. We are proud to say that Steven took all this learning so much on board that he was inspired to set up and run his own IT business!

Our apprenticeship scheme plays a vital part in building our company with talented, enthusiastic young people who have great futures ahead of them. We are delighted by all their successes, and that we have a hand in starting such promising careers that will benefit them and the wider business community.