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Remote access

You can connect to your office from anywhere with internet access

How useful would it be to access all of your applications, files and emails from wherever you happen to be? Whether one person or your entire team needs the flexibility to roam, we have a solution that will enable you and your colleagues to use all software remotely.

The technology

Most organisations already have a broadband internet connection to obtain information from outside so it’s about using this existing tool to get information going in both directions. For a single user, access can be given to an existing PC; for multiple users all that's needed is a dedicated PC to run as a remote access server on your network. Using free software available as standard on most of today's PCs, you can connect to your office from anywhere with internet access.

What next?

As with any remote access solution, the requirement is dependent on the needs of your business and no two organisations or business functions are the same. Please contact our experienced team for advice on 0845 475 1893 or by email at:

Remote access illustration

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