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Cultrix to the rescue!

If the problems are big ones, you may feel you need a superhero

It happens to the best of us – the ‘oh no’ moments - the heart-sinking IT disasters that could be lost files, failed backups, total system failures and virus infestations. And of course, the new problems that crop up from time to time just to keep our job interesting.

Cultrix have a dedicated resource to deal with these crisis situations. They are a calm bunch; let them deal with it so you can get on with all the other important stuff you do to run your business. It won’t be anything they haven’t seen before; they’ll even turn up in superhero outfits if it will cheer you up.

If you’ve set your wastepaper bin on fire, spilt coffee or upset the cleaner we can’t help. For mostly everything else we can.

Don’t hesitate to contact us now on 0845 475 1893 or by mail at:

Cultrix IT support

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