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White label partners

We can be anyone you want us to be, and vice versa

If you do not have your own technical helpdesk but want to make this available to your customers or in-house for your own company, we can offer this first line support. Your own technical helpdesk can be fully branded to your company requirements and have a direct phone line and email address, so that your customers can contact us with all their support needs. Your customers will receive the same first-rate service as our own customers, but it will be for services provided in your name.

This branded technical support means that we can answer the phone to your customers as if we were your company and all emails answered will be returned from the email address of your choice. We can even wear your uniforms should you wish us to, for any onsite visits.

Our white label partners benefit from hassle-free IT support for their clients and generous commission for letting us do the work. Cultrix IT support, whether this is full on and off site support with advanced monitoring, web-hosting, or any other combination of IT service is of the same high-quality as for all our customers, so it means the friendly, intuitive level of customer service we pride ourselves on is also included.

If you would like to add professional IT support to your service portfolio, or even if you want to set up your own support company without the need for your own helpdesk, or become a white label partner in any other way, please contact us on 0845 475 1893 or by email at:

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