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Let us tweet, post, +1 and follow for you

Don't know your +1s from your followers, and your followers from your likes? We can help

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Take a look at our Cultrix social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn) and you'll see we post regularly and consistently. This keeps us at the forefront of our customer's minds but do you have the time to do this for your organisation?

A strategic social media presence creates a competitive edge for your business. There’s no doubt that you will grow your customer base. But perhaps more importantly than this, evidence shows very clearly that the level of customer engagement achieved through a strong online presence will also give you the information and relationships required to adapt your business to emerging market requirements, effectively future-proofing your offer and ensuring continued relevance in what is an increasingly competitive market.

With our plans, we can manage Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. You can also add-on other networks as necessary; there’s far too many to mention but these may include, but are not restricted to, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Flickr. We can discuss with you which ones will work best for your organisation.

For a relatively small monthly fee we can take care of all this for you – regularly and consistently raising your brand awareness, keeping you at the forefront of your customers’ minds, and increasing the customer engagement that will fuel and grow your business.

What's the process?

An initial specification meeting will help us understand your organisation and determine your goals such as increased brand awareness, or website traffic. We can then advise on the information sources we will need in place to create regular content for the social media posts.

We have created easy to understand plans but if you need a completely bespoke approach we can create a plan that meets your needs and budget.

Other services

We can also help with a number of other social media related tasks.

Page/profile creation

Don’t have a Facebook page or Twitter profile for your organisation? We can get everything set up for you, just tell us what social networks you want to use. And if you’re not sure we can discuss this with you.

Social network strategy and content planning

All of our plans include an initial consultation but sometimes it may be more suitable to carry out a content audit, have a planning meeting and prepare a more detailed strategy. After this meeting you will have a clear plan of what information we will need from you and what we will be posting on your social networks if you’re on one of our plans; or you can take the result of the meeting away and deliver it yourself.

Event promotion

If you are running an event, we can proactively manage your social accounts before, during and/or after the occasion. We can even post live during the event on your behalf, or attend and post pictures.

Social media training

If you want to be involved in running your social networks, or want to take over running them altogether, we can get you started.