• Trust, honesty and credibility – this is based on our own industry experience, so we have real context. It means we can respond to client requirements in the ways they need us to
  • Experience and track record – we generate confidence in our company and our service offers
  • Quality – we pay attention to detail and have enthusiasm about bringing value to our customers. We're ‘big enough to cope, small enough to care’
  • Independence – we have no allegiance with other organisations
  • Expertise and knowledge – this is the foundation of our new, fresh approach in the industry
  • Value for money – we ensure we offer products and services at a lower cost than many of our competitors
  • Added value – we work to offer integrated services that add value for our customers
  • Partnerships – we actively build partnerships with our customers, working within a business framework and context
  • Innovation – we demonstrate a forward-thinking approach that is fresh yet built on experience so it has business needs at its heart
  • Professional – our professionalism is based on our experience and knowledge, and underpins everything we do
  • Supportive – we always work to support our customers in their business needs
  • Flexible – we are operationally set up to be flexible in our offer, according to our customers' requirements
  • Responsive and proactive – our service offers are preventative support solutions, however, when needed, Cultrix will always be responsive to customer needs
I just wanted to say that it’s been 5 years to the month since we started using Cultrix and it was a great decision. Hope to continue working with you long into the future, great job so far.

Matt from City of London.

Very helpful. very quick, resolved everything I needed to know, always answered my questions and were very patient when I didn't understand.

Mandy from Farnham.

So pleased I have someone technical to pick up the phone. Even if it’s the simplest of things, to me it’s like trying to work out a rubik's cube!

Vicky from Walsall.