Discounts for charities

We are very happy to work for charities and not-for-profit organisations at a specially discounted rate. Cultrix roots are firmly entrenched in the principle of giving back so society at large can benefit. Our first ever clients of IT support and web development were national charities and it’s a pleasure to still be working with some of those same organisations.

"A day in the life of..."

At Cultrix we want to take our customer service to the next level and one way we do this is to get a technician out from behind the service desk to go on a day’s visit to one of our clients so they can learn how they operate.

We think this is the best way to understand the real-life challenges and issues our clients face on a day-to-day basis. The more we can learn about their average day, the more we can help. Our technician walks away with an appreciation of what it's like in their shoes and brings this insight back to Cultrix headquarters to help us deliver even better customer service to them.

And our clients love that while we are on-site they get to ask us anything IT-wise, pick our brains and sort out any niggles for them. Look out for our "A day in the life of..." case studies on what usually turns out to be an inspiring day for both parties.


We applaud and encourage the efforts of the Cultrix team in raising money for our clients. We give time and support to any fundraising our team wish to undertake. You can see more information about these causes, and contribute if you like, at our JustGiving page.