We’ve taken great care to nurture our organisation and its fitness. Cultrix is so named because it can mean in Latin, “someone who takes care of something”. Taking care of customers in the best way possible was our starting motivation and still is which is why we achieve off-the-scale customer-happiness ratings.


The Cultrix operation grows, as stably and reliably as ever. Constant review and improvement of services continue through innovations in data capture and monitoring so that all customers can be provided with consistently high-level service. Service desk teams are kept small and client-focussed to maintain the personal level of service that is so important to Cultrix.

Whether we are working with colleagues on the IT support needs of local voluntary and charity organisations or enhancing the offer of local training providers we work with the bigger picture in mind. We have trained and recruited fantastic engineers who are now part of this region’s business and social economy. We are incredibly proud of their success!


The company is rebranded as Cultrix Limited, has three engineers and an additional office, with Shaun’s mum working fulltime on the bookkeeping! From here it’s a steady growth in staff numbers and relocations to new offices. Cultrix becomes a team of nine fulltime staff covering: support, sales, accounts, web development and social media, with a number of trusted freelance engineers to attend on-site requirements, including London. This model of on-site, rapid, cost-effective support comes to be a model highly-valued by Cultrix customers.


Andrew leaves to pursue a career in IT security and Shaun works from his draughty attic with half a day a week book-keeping support. He also develops his interest in programming web applications which has since become his specialism, writing advanced database-driven applications that put businesses and their functions online. One year on, the company has a proper office in Barnsley and fulltime technician. No more draughts!


Cultrix is formed by Shaun Wilders while on work placement at ITSUVO (The IT Support Unit for Voluntary Organisations, part of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation) during a degree in Cybernetics and Virtual Worlds at the University of Bradford. There is a lot of programming, robotics and playing with Lego! And crucially, studying the relationship between humans and computers.

Unfortunately, ITSUVO decides to close its doors after just two months when the director at the time announced retirement. Shaun and his fellow colleague on placement, Andrew Barratt, approach the University with a business plan to keep ITSUVO going! Their business plan comes runner up in the Shell Livewire business awards! Shaun and Andrew are given a loan of £10,000, use of the University’s solicitors, and an office.

On the 8th October 2002 Barratt & Wilders Limited is founded, providing IT support and web development to a number of national charities, many of which come from the original placement and are still Cultrix clients today.