Amazon’s global, flexible and scalable cloud-based products offer reliability and powerful processing capability for a wide range of applications at relatively low cost, for all types and sizes of business.

The products are many and so are the applications you can use them for. You can pick and choose; like other cloud-based web service providers you only pay for what you use. Choosing a trusted cloud-based provider will instantly increase your business security and disaster-recovery ability with any service. Use AWS for backup and archiving, or use it to drive content delivery, e-commerce, accelerate websites or create apps for millions of users. From handling massive scientific datasets to running applications without the need to look after servers, there is an Amazon Web Service product for any direction you want to take. Cultrix will help you get set up with what you need, and if you need ongoing maintenance and management of your new cloud environment, we can do that too.

What our customers say

Cultrix has shown me what technology can do now not only for my business but for me personally, in terms of efficiency.

Rachel from Halifax.

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Looking for a white label end-user support partner?

Cultrix is a white label specialist providing fully branded management, maintenance and end-user support services on behalf of many other IT companies for their Amazon Web Services customers.

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