Google Workspace is an easy to use, secure suite of tools and services with the flexibility to function for all types and sizes of business. Whether you’re a small, medium or large company, it’s a great cloud solution, allowing connectivity and productive working from any location on any suitable device. It’s multi-device and BYOD (bring your own device) friendly; all services come via web browser and have mobile apps for most items on Apple App Store and Google Play for Android.

Under Google Workspace, Gmail, Google Calendar, Hangouts, Google Drive, Google Docs and many more are all available to you at a much lower cost than some other cloud solutions with all the benefits of being in the cloud, and these can all be brought under your branding and domain.


Gmail is not just user-friendly email; it’s email with less spam and more security. Gmail’s features are available with, with powerful filters and a tabbed inbox that helps you sort out your messages and prevent email overload. You can delegate your inbox so that an employee can manage it with you, or for you when you’re unavailable. And attachments can be viewed in Google Drive so you never need to subject your computer to the ever-present danger of email malware.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar lets you add calendar items from within emails, share calendars with your team and publish calendars online. Basically, all the functionality you need to aid effective time management for you and your workforce.

Google Drive

Google Drive is the central storage for your Google Workspace account. With a massive 30GB of storage per user for all documents and emails it offers great value; and with Google’s extensive range of integrated applications, other web services too can save data into Google Drive, giving you even more web apps at your disposal. Files can be synchronised effectively, between different devices such as Mac, PC, mobile or tablet, using the Google Drive Sync Application.

Google Docs

Google Docs enables team collaboration on documents; changes are seen in real time so there is no need to keep sending out different attachments. There’s only one version available to edit with the ability to track all edits, which can take the messiness out of document collaboration situations.


Google Hangouts is instant, no cost, messaging and video conferencing. You can hold a video conference for up to ten people with no requirement for specialist software to be installed. From your browser, across desktop and on mobile and tablet, you can have conversations with your group or launch into video mode to share your desktop screen, or link a remote desktop to a user’s machine. You can even edit Google docs together.

Even more

With Google+, Chrome, YouTube Maps and many other services Google Workspace really does have a lot to offer. For those businesses that want to work more efficiently but haven’t yet got round to deciding how, taking on the functionality of Google Workspace can lead to a change for the better in terms of working practices such as collaborative working, communication, security and flexible and remote working. If you consider that Google Workspace would work for your business or think it might, but want to chat through the detail, please give Cultrix a call for a no-obligation chat.

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