The possibilities are endless with this very flexible, robust cloud platform by Microsoft. You can use it for backup, to create a managed network or just pay by the hour to cope with spiked demand.

Business continuity is really what you’re looking after with any use of Azure. From simply having it to create a backup storage location or building a whole cloud setup on it, there are many uses for this failsafe technology. You’ll have the peace of mind too of knowing you’re using a cutting-edge service delivered by a business that considers its environment, for example, by sinking its datacentre into the sea so that it can be naturally cooled! Your data is completely safe in the giant, secure datacentres that Azure utilise, whether they’re under the sea or on land.

Why not turn your in-house workgroup (a network of computers that isn’t controlled by an on-premise server) into a managed network by having a basic server in Azure that acts as a domain controller and manages your security? Or just have a very simple Azure setup to control logins and security policies so you don’t have to maintain individual computers with all their own passwords and settings? These options, and more, increase your business security, continuity and disaster recovery capability instantly.

Cultrix techies can advise and help you in the design of the Azure provision you need, and if you need full management and maintenance, we can do that too.

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Cultrix has shown me what technology can do now not only for my business but for me personally, in terms of efficiency.

Rachel from Halifax.

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Looking for a white label end-user support partner?

Cultrix is a white label specialist providing fully branded management, maintenance and end-user support services on behalf of many other IT companies for their Microsoft Azure customers.

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