We know your business doesn't need the downtime.

Our hosting and cloud computing solutions provide enterprise-class technology with a high level of availability. We employ proven technologies to offer reliability and consistency with all elements of service to enable our customers to scale solutions with complete confidence.

Key facts:

  • Enterprise level architecture is used at all levels of service
  • All hardware is monitored 24x7x365
  • N+1 on all elements of service
  • True Tier 3 data centre hosted solution
  • On-site spares for all equipment in use to provide the service
  • All equipment used to provide the service is dual power A+B feeds
  • Automated capacity planning to action solution scaling before capacity issues arise
  • Supplier neutral offering, allowing for flexibility in the service provided


Each rack has two separate power feeds which come via two independent distribution and two independent UPS systems. Each UPS system operates independently and is only allowed to reach less than half load. It is capable of maintaining its respective zone entirely should another UPS fail and the load transfers.

Separate power paths all the way back to the three on-site transformers and three grid supplies. Each of the UPS systems has its own independent ATS transfer gear as well, so that should an ATS fail during a load transfer it will only affect a single UPS system.

The generators have enough fuel on site to run for several days, rather than hours. Priority refuelling contracts are in place to ensure rapid response to longer term generator requirements, although in the event of a long-term outage power would be transferred to one of the alternative grid feeds.

Power key facts:

  • Full system monitoring and automated self-diagnostics
  • Automatically activated diesel generators with priority refuelling contracts
  • True 2N UPS dual path resilience, 2N+1 is available
  • ‘Online’ design for zero interruption during power failure
  • Full UPS chassis bypass can be achieved without interrupting load


Our connectivity is extremely resilient offering key benefits as standard such as being carrier neutral and using diverse ducts. Our carrier neutral diverse feed connectivity is provided by:

  • Virgin Media
  • NEOS Networks
  • BT
  • Level 3
  • SSE Telecom
  • NTT


The data centre is located within a ring-fenced media broadcast hub. Physical security features include fencing to all boundaries, 24x7x365 manned and patrolled external security, and monitored infrared CCTV coupled with internal patrols linked by radio. A centrally controlled access system monitors, records and manages all aspects of access into the facility and within the site as a whole.
The data floors are further protected by photographic, PIN and card combination entry, requiring not only an authorised user’s access card but also the matching unique code.

Key facts:

  • Security systems are linked to our sophisticated central building system
  • A full motion detection system covers the data floors
  • The data centre is protected by an isolated card and pin combination entry system
  • 24x7x365 manned and patrolled external security
  • A secure centre, within a secure site
  • Physical security features include fencing and entrance barriers to all boundaries
  • Centrally controlled access system recorded, logged and audited
  • Both the site and the data centre have independent infrared CCTV
  • Data rooms and suites are separate locked areas within the data centre
  • Door ajar and door forced alarms

Fire Suppression

Dual stage aragonite system incorporates detection and suppression equipment including below raised floors and in ceiling voids, using an Argon and Nitrogen mix which is deployed in seconds and eliminates the ability for combustion to take place. Without the need to shut down power, all equipment remains completely unaffected.

Key facts:

  • Power to systems unaffected
  • Rapid deployment inert gas system
  • Very early smoke detection alarm (VESDA)
  • Reduces oxygen to non-combustible levels, whilst safe for humans
  • Environmentally friendly natural argon/nitrogen mix
  • Equipment function unaffected
  • On-site 24-hour monitoring


Environmental monitoring systems incorporate temperature, humidity and water detection systems generating real time SMS, email and pager updates to all relevant engineers and technicians. We run several independent monitoring systems in parallel to ensure the immediate detection of any fault condition.

In addition to its standalone N+1 redundancy, the data centre is also able to utilise full backup cooling systems offering a 2N solution.

Key facts:

  • Critical Service Level Agreements on cooling provision
  • Two further on-site cooling systems connected
  • Fully tuneable and expandable to requirements
  • Constant temperature, humidity and leak detection monitoring
  • Environmental controls linked to a sophisticated central Building Management System

Green Credentials

Our primary facility is an award-winning data centre in Maidstone, Kent, winning the ‘Green Data Centre’ category. The infrastructure is designed to exceed the most demanding environmental and cooling requirements. It incorporates a combination of free air fresh air and chilled water-cooling technology, utilising ambient temperature where possible to reduce the carbon footprint. We employ virtualisation technology wherever possible, this green technology reduces the carbon footprint even further.

Further Information can be found at: http://www.custodiandc.com; http://www.virtualtin.com



This is the number of pieces of equipment plus a hot swappable spare. So if you had three servers in use we would have one extra as a spare on standby in case one failed. Hot swappable means it can be swapped without any interruption to the service.


A primary and a backup. If the primary fails, the backup takes over without any human interaction.

ATS transfer gear

Some datacentres’ backup power still relies on people flicking switches to switch power. This equipment means it does not rely on a human to manually make the change. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transfer_switch.


For every piece of equipment, another is held as a spare. So if you had three servers in use we would buy three extra servers as spares in case one or more failed.?


For every piece of equipment, another is held as a spare plus a further hot swappable one. If you had three servers in use we would buy four extra servers, one used as a hot swappable and kept on standby, and three in case of any failures.