Dedicated vs contended hardware? Be wary of cheap cloud services

You will probably be familiar with and used to hearing the phrase from IT support providers and cloud service providers, that they use, “dedicated servers” for their customers’ provision. In fact, you may have heard it so many times that you almost take it for granted, and think that maybe dedicated hardware is the standard in the industry, for all cloud providers.

Dedicated or contended hardware – be wary

But we can tell you that dedicated hardware is NOT the standard for cloud service providers.

Many cloud providers offer much cheaper cloud services by not having customers on dedicated servers, but having them on a shared server with other customers. In technical, computer language, this means they are using a ‘contended’ server. The actual definition of ‘contended’ means there is a conflict over access to a shared resource. We think you’ll agree that sounds less than ideal.

Cheap cloud services that use contended resources have a visible difference in performance, particularly for, but not only, those customers who use resource-hungry software, such as video editors and CAD packages. Your service is compromised from day one, because the recourse is directly affected by the other customers that share it and what they are doing – something you have no control over. This type of cloud service will be at a lower cost; we think you’ll understand why.

We are glad to say that dedicated hardware IS the standard for all Cultrix cloud customers.

All of our cloud customers benefit from dedicated hardware. That's processors, memory and disk space all wholly dedicated to them. We wouldn’t do it any other way; we would never compromise a business’s ability to run at optimum efficiency and serve its customers, by offering anything less than dedicated resource.

At Cultrix, our cloud provision is business class, and that means every bit of infrastructure too, guarding you effectively against any threat of compromise in your operation and keeping you fully in control.

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