Snow has caused havoc for many businesses and organisations in the area. Don’t let the weather be a factor that holds your business or organisation back. With the Cultrix Cloud, your staff can work from the comfort and safety of their own home.

Don't let the snow hold your organisation back!

With the Cultrix Cloud our virtualised desktops means that you and your colleagues can access their desktop and work from anywhere. Providing you have an internet connection you can work from anywhere.

Whether you have a mobile, tablet, desktop PC or laptop you can access your desktop on any device. None of your files or documents ever leave our secure data centre, ergo if your device is lost or stolen your data is safe.

It’s just like being at the office, all your files, documents and software work just as well from anywhere in the world. It’s safe and secure, in-fact our very own accounts manager at the Cultrix HQ often works from sunny Cyprus.

Remote working aren’t the only benefits to being on the Cultrix Cloud. Maintenance and backups are handles in the background, it’s just one less thing to worry about. Other benefits include always having the latest version of Microsoft Office, and software constancy. All users have the same version of the software.

It’s not just Microsoft software available on the Cultrix Cloud, any software can run on our cloud. Whether you need Sage, QuickBooks, Adobe Creative Suite, or anything else. It can all run efficiently and reliably in our Cloud.

This also means that you don’t need expensive hardware to run this software because it’s cloud based, you can use all this from a really low power desktop PC, or laptop. Making the Cultrix Cloud an ideal solution for any business.

Being on the Cultrix Cloud doesn’t just protect your organisation from disruption on snow days, but travel strikes, office disasters such as a flood, or fire won’t prevent your organisation from working.

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