Effective content monitoring allows you to enforce an Internet policy in the workplace. You can block access to specific sites, such as Facebook, and set up alarms to alert you if certain sites, applications and machines are accessed. You can screenshot what employees are doing if you need to. It goes without saying that you don’t want your browsing speed taken up with wasteful and/or inappropriate activity, particularly if your business is in any way family-orientated and/or used by children.

Employee monitoring will also give you data on the productivity of your staff; you can use it to spot trends and get insight into your business processes. You can see what the most productive time of the day is, which teams perform better, if applications are used so you can save on expensive licences you don’t need. The possibilities for business improvement are endless.

The content filtering software used by Cultrix is internationally recognised and used by some of the largest multinationals. With this service in place you never need to worry about frivolous or malicious Internet usage or any risk at all posed by security-related incidents caused by inappropriate browsing; and you can put measures in place to improve productivity, based on the real data that monitoring provides.

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