Becoming infected can happen so easily. You or one of your employees may simply have downloaded free software from the Internet or clicked on a seemingly harmless advert. Depending on what access the user has to files, the problem may be a large one. This is particularly true of ransomware and is a growing problem these days.

Viruses are self-replicating and can destroy your data as well as your operating system. Spyware is software that has been deceptively installed on your computer, usually for the purpose of gathering personal data, and that means of your customers too. Malware is any type of malicious software, (viruses and spyware but also worms, scareware and others) used to corrupt operation.

Cultrix can rapidly protect you against all these with the installation of the latest in software protection. And if you’re already infected we can remove the problem and restore everything back to good working order.

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Cultrix were quick off the mark to address an issue with our server. We were back up and running properly within 15 minutes, far quicker than my experience with other providers.

Alex from Rotherham.

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