Cultrix business broadband is of a business grade network and is backed up by our own service desk. It can often be available too to those that normally cannot access broadband. We have a lot to offer at a reasonable cost, whether it’s traditional broadband or super-fast fibre optic. And, if you already have broadband, we will transfer you for free! Here are the options we offer, that except for leased lines, are dependent on network coverage:


This is the asymmetric digital subscriber line, otherwise known as original copper-wire broadband, which connects you to the exchange. It will depend how far away you are from the exchange as to what speed of service you can achieve.


Fibre to the cabinet is fibre optic broadband connecting the exchange to the cabinet in your street. It’s much faster than the traditional copper-wire broadband, but the speed you can achieve will depend on how far away from your street’s cabinet you are.


Fibre to the premises is only available in some areas and you can pay extra for a service level and fix agreement that will cover you.

Leased lines

This is your very own fibre line from BT’s exchange to your premises, which they may have to dig up the road to lay. The install cost can be waived depending on how long you sign up for. It’s fast with a 100% service level and fix agreement; for businesses where constant uptime is critical.


If you can’t get broadband any other way, you’re always on the move or you need a backup option for your broadband then a router or portable router with SIM card is an excellent choice. Routers can attach to ADSL or fibre and have a switch option should something go wrong.

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