But it may feel difficult to move. You may feel that they “know your systems”. We’d like to reassure you that IT is IT and there’s not a lot we don’t know about IT. Once we’ve collected your information and carried out a system vulnerability audit we’ll have everything we need to cover you with the most effective, proactive and friendly IT support there is. We like to get to know our customers but we won’t take up more time than you want us to.

It’s easy to move your IT support to Cultrix. And we’ll do most of the moving for you.

Check your contract

It may be as simple as your annual renewal date coming up and you don’t want to renew. But if you’re part way through a term you need to check a few things, specifically the term and notice period. Are you tied in for 12 months? Some contracts will say you can give 30 days’ notice regardless, others will say you must serve at least the first 12 months before you can leave. If you’re unsure, call or or email your current IT support provider to find out.

If you’re part way through a contract you may be able to get out early, check the “Termination” section of the contract for reasons that are permitted for an early termination.

Give notice

In the contract it will also tell you in the “Termination” section how to give notice. You may be able to give notice by telephone but normally you need to provide it in writing by email or post. You can download our handy email template or letter template for this. Once completed, email it to them or pop a hard copy of it in the post, you may also want to consider sending it by registered post.

Get your data

At Cultrix we maintain a comprehensive record of everything about a customer’s IT systems. This includes server and computer information, details of printers, scanners, backups and more. Usernames, passwords and IP addresses are among all of the important information that is needed to properly care for your IT but we don’t expect you to have all of this, your current IT support provider should be able to provide you with these details, after all they would need it to support you properly and it’s your data so you’re entitled to a copy of it.

There may be information they don’t hand over, maybe they keep some of it in their heads or simply don’t know it! If there are any gaps in the information then our IT superheroes will be able to work with you to reset things so that we get access and can add the information to our records. And during the transition period, we will ensure all access to your systems is updated so that passwords handed over to us will not work beyond the end of your contract with your current IT support provider.

Transition period

While you are going through your notice period we will provide you with a service overlap for free. This gives us time to gather the information about your systems, change passwords, revoke access and start to carry out your first system vulnerability audit so that we can advise you on any improvements that can be made.

What our customers say

Rhys - kept me updated and stayed in contact once he started working on issue. Thank you.

Phil from Barnsley.

Many thanks to Jack for a speedy and efficient result. I was up and running in no time.

Pat from Barnsley.

Cultrix were quick off the mark to address an issue with our server. We were back up and running properly within 15 minutes, far quicker than my experience with other providers.

Alex from Rotherham.

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