1. Introduction

    1.1 This Annex 3 sets out the service levels applicable to the Hosting Platform Maintenance Services.

  2. Updates

    2.1 The Provider shall apply each Update to the Maintained Hosting Platform within the period of 5 Business Days following Release.

    2.2 Details of the specific software we run and the update schedule is detailed in our Hosting server software and updates policy. Cultrix subscribe to the STABLE tier releases.

    2.3 A full breakdown of cPanel updates can be found on the cPanel Releases Website, and you can also review the full cPanel Change Logs.

    2.4 You can receive information on updates by subscribing to cPanel's update RSS feed.

  3. Upgrades

    3.1 The Provider shall keep the Customer reasonably informed during the Term of its plans for the release of Upgrades; however, except to the extent that the parties agree otherwise in writing, the Provider shall have no obligation to release Upgrades with features requested by the Customer or to take into account the opinions of the Customer in relation to plans for the release of Upgrades.

    3.2 The Provider shall apply each Upgrade to the Maintained Hosting Platform prior to the End Of Life of the currently installed version.