Basically, we learn all about your monthly subscription and/or boxed software, and deal with your customers’ queries and support needs, as if we were you, or not. We provide valuable feedback too to help eliminate any bugs and improve the product for your customers’ business applications.

You can set how much support you’d like us to provide, based on the numbers of subscribers for subscription software, or tickets if it’s boxed software. Our levels of support are flexible to suit your business needs, and our customer-friendly, professional Cultrix service comes as standard with all of them.

What our customers say

I just wanted to say that it’s been 5 years to the month since we started using Cultrix and it was a great decision. Hope to continue working with you long into the future, great job so far.

Matt from The Caravan Company in Northampton.

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We like to talk, it gives us a break from saving the universe. You can call us on 0330 333 5790 or email us and we will answer any questions you may have.

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