5 Very Good Reasons to Upgrade to Office 365

Have you been considering upgrading to Office 365? Maybe you need a reason or two before you would consider upgrading, or maybe you're wondering why on earth you should upgrade at all. Look no further, we can tell you all about it.

Office 365 is always up to date

With a Microsoft office 365 subscription, the best in class productivity suite is always up to date. Once installed, it will be kept up to date automatically, and if a new version of Office comes out, you'll have access to the latest version. For example, recently, Mac users on Office 365 had the option to upgrade to Office 2016, from Office 2011.

Office on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and more!

When your organisation is on an Office 365 subscription, colleagues can install Microsoft Office on up to five of their devices. For example, they may install Office on their Windows PC at work, their Mac at home, as well as on their Android smartphone and iPad tablet. Colleagues can use Office regardless of their device even on supported platforms (such as Linux), because as long as you have access to the internet you can as an Office 365 subscriber access a version of Office in the web browser.

Your documents, everywhere

With Office 365 comes 1TB (that's about 1,000 gigabytes!) of storage for every user as part of Microsoft Onedrive. So when you store your documents on Onedrive, they're accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, as long as you're signed in. This means that, say, if you didn't quite finish that all important presentation at work, when you get home you can carry on exactly where you left off. You can easily work remotely with all your favourite office apps and files.

Email powered by the Microsoft Cloud

This is an optional tier in Office 365, but arguably one of Office 365's greatest features. With Office 365 you can pay a little extra for Microsoft to be your email provider, keeping your existing domain and email addresses. However this is something that would require data migration to Office 365, but it's nothing that our superheroes wouldn't be delighted to sort out for you. Microsoft Office 365 brings business class email, contact and calendars to the present day. They are all accessible from any device with an internet connection. With Outlook apps available for Windows, iOS, Android and Mac you'll be able to access email on almost any platform. Even on platforms that aren't supported, like your other office apps you can access email, calendars and contacts from a web browser. What's more, with your emails stored in the Microsoft Cloud, you also get FREE spam filtering as part of your Office 365 subscription. One less thing to worry about when you upgrade to Office 365.

Skype for Business

This is another feature that's part of the optional higher subscription tier of Microsoft Office 365. Although it is another great addition that makes paying that little bit more seem even more compelling. With Skype for Business your organisation suddenly has access to unlimited online meetings. Using high definition (HD) video conferencing or instant messaging between you and your colleagues it makes it easier and simpler than ever to communicate. For more information on Office 365, or a data migration to Office 365 feel free to contact us. Please call Dawn on 01226 36680, or email dawn@cultrix.co.uk to find out more.