Why it’s cheaper and better

It’s a rare thing these days when something is cheaper and better. Especially in the commercial world. It’s true that IT outsourcing for small businesses, medium and large, whether that’s to outsource your entire IT department or just outsource desktop support is, by far, cheaper and better if you get a bunch of outside experts to do it. And it’s not just about the savings on staff overheads; it’s the professionalism of the relationship with an external organisation that will save you in the long run. Having the contracts and expectations in place so that you know exactly what you can expect service-wise from an outsourced provision should the unthinkable happen makes things a lot clearer responsibility-wise. Think of the time and headaches this could save your business: no more making sure your technicians have the latest training, that you have the geographical coverage you need or the expertise to deal with something of unexpected impact. But it may be that you’ve never thought before about outsourcing IT support for your business. Maybe you think you’ve got it all covered; and if you have that’s great. But can you honestly say that your current outsourced or own IT in-house support is fully comprehensive and up to date with the latest compliance, giving your customers the reassurance they need? Outsourcing does not mean you have to go overseas either. So here are a few compelling benefits available to you if you were to outsource IT services to an external IT support company in the UK:

  • You would have access to a friendly helpdesk with real people who know your operation who are not just reading from scripts; the chances are you will know them on a first-name basis and they’ll know the name of your office cat
  • If like the Cultrix superhero-network setup your external IT support company has engineers all over the UK you would never need to worry about not getting someone when you need them or even getting a real-live techie onsite if required
  • You would benefit from the vast pool of knowledge and experience of a highly-trained team of engineers who have worked on so many different operations there will be nothing they haven’t seen before
  • You would have the reassurance of contractually-defined service standards and expectations, driven by the competitive market of IT support, doubtless exceeding the standards you can provide in-house

At Cultrix we have spent fifteen years developing our IT support services for companies, providing them with complete peace of mind.  We are centrally based in the UK and also have engineers based in London. Our entire operation is UK-based; including all of our servers and all data is stored within the UK. And because we can’t really call ourselves superheroes if we aren’t at the forefront of industry excellence, we are proud to say that we have way above the industry standard response and resolution times for IT support. An average first-response time in our sector is 24 hours; Cultrix average is 20 minutes! Cultrix average resolution time is just over an hour, which means that we resolve issues 24 times quicker than most in the industry take to even acknowledge the issue. All that IT support reassurance and excellence at a lesser cost than you could provide yourself! And you’ll keep your staff uniform costs down too because the great thing about superheroes is that they come with their own lycra.