Why should I update my web browser?

Microsoft have ended support for Internet Explorer versions older than Internet Explorer 11. Using any version prior to this could have serious implications for the security of your devices and data.

Why should I update?

Anyone using earlier browsers will become more and more vulnerable as time goes on. Computers can be compromised, credit card details and passwords taken, and data stolen - whether that's personal information or customer databases. You don’t want your business to be the victim of the next TalkTalk cyber attack so it's important to ensure you keep your browser up-to-date just as much as your Antivirus application. Internet Explorer has a wide spread of users across different versions because not all versions of its browsers will run on all versions of Microsoft Windows - certain versions require later versions of the operating system. If you are someone who can't update Internet Explorer then this probably means you're also running an unsupported version of Microsoft Windows too, putting you in an even more vulnerable position.

OK I'm concerned. What can I do?

Upgrade. If you don't know your Microsoft Windows from your Internet Explorer, or your Internet Explorer from your Microsoft Office then you'll need to speak to someone who can help. If it's a work PC, speak to your helpdesk or whoever is in charge of IT. If it's a home PC then maybe you have a more technical friend who can help. It may just be a matter of running some updates or updating your operating system, but it could be as drastic as replacing your computer.

What else could I use?

If you want to stop using Internet Explorer altogether, Google Chrome is now the most used browser on the Internet with a staggering 68% of people using it, while the next most popular browser, Mozilla Firefox, is used by 19.1% of users. Chrome and Firefox are very good at prompting you when an update is available so its users are generally using, or are very close to using, the latest version. Internet Explorer accounts for just 6.3% of all users, with just 1.4% now using an unsupported version. It's interesting to see that Chrome is the only browser increasing its share of users while IE and Firefox users are falling and Safari and Opera usage is staying quite static with its low but loyal users. If you want some advice from your friendly Cultrix superheroes feel free to give us call on 01226 736673 or email us: ITexperts@cultrix.co.uk.