Cultrix wins tender renewal for Chamber’s IT support

In 2015, three years ago, Cultrix won the tender to become IT support provider to Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber of Commerce. Active Chamber members and supporters of other local businesses Cultrix have worked closely with the Chamber during this time to continually provide the superhero-level of IT support and customer service they have become renowned for. Continue reading

Essential Guide to Outsourcing your IT Support

Why it’s cheaper and better

It’s a rare thing these days when something is cheaper and better. Especially in the commercial world. It’s true that IT outsourcing for small businesses, medium and large, whether that’s to outsource your entire IT department or just outsource desktop support is, by far, cheaper and better if you get a bunch of outside experts to do it. Continue reading

Don’t be the victim of a cyber attack – a staff guide

The biggest risk to your organisation are the people working within it. Infections generally get into your system because someone inside was tricked into opening an unsafe file or link. Everyone who uses your computers or network has the potential to infect your entire system – all files they have access to are at risk. For this reason it is important to educate your entire team about being safe online so your organisation isn’t the next victim of a cyber attack. Continue reading

Double apprenticeship success at Cultrix makes way for another two candidates

Local lads, Matthew Roberts and Callum Farrell, have successfully completed their Cultrix apprenticeship, securing full-time work with the Barnsley-based IT support company, who in 2014 won Employer of the Year award. Matthew, aged 19, is now an Internet Developer, and Callum, aged 18, is an IT Support Technician in Cultrix’s valued team.
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Why should I update my web browser?

Microsoft have ended support for Internet Explorer versions older than Internet Explorer 11. Using any version prior to this could have serious implications for the security of your devices and data.

Why should I update?

Anyone using earlier browsers will become more and more vulnerable as time goes on. Computers can be compromised, credit card details and passwords taken, and data stolen – whether that’s personal information or customer databases. You don’t want your business to be the victim of the next TalkTalk cyber attack so it’s important to ensure you keep your browser up-to-date just as much as your Antivirus application. Continue reading

Microsoft Office 365: explained

It’s the dawn of a new era at Microsoft especially with the ushering in of their relatively new CEO Satya Nadella.The way the company operates and does business is changing hugely. This however, has led to some confusion amongst users. So we’ll explain Microsoft Office 365; how it’s changed and how it might affect you.

Microsoft Office logo 2012 Continue reading