There’s nothing like commissioning a new website to really get you thinking about important aspects of your business: your offer, USPs and customer experience, to name but a few.

Why getting a new website is valuable, free therapy for your business

There’s no doubt about it that your website should accurately reflect your business. You should correctly portray your products/services, and the experience of dealing with your organisation, to your customers and prospective customers. But maybe you’ve never thought about any of this in great detail before. Here are just some of the things you should think about during the process of your new website build:

About page

Your About or About Us page, will be one of the most viewed pages of your website; viewed even before services and pricing information. It is also typically one of the pages that businesses put the least amount of effort into, feeling satisfied to get something down that’s typical, and likely cliched and uninspiring, about their company and sector.

But why is About, one of the most viewed pages? Because browsers, before considering buying from you want to know about you personally, your story, where you’re coming from, so they can see if they connect with you and your values. Your About page is one of the most crucial opportunities you have on your website to sell yourself, sing your brand and paint in full technicolour how fulfilling you are as a company to deal with. Cue, your opportunity to really think about your offer and get it spot on in the writing so that your customers instantly resonate with you.


What categorisation of your services makes the most sense to your customers and prospects? Maybe some of your services are add-ons, or perhaps they warrant their own category. There is nothing more confusing than getting lost in service categories, unsure of what the category is selling and trying to figure out what’s most relevant to you as a customer.

Think about the market you are in, and what customers want as a priority, reflecting any market trends. For instance, if you sell paint, are you going to categorise based on colour, or type, or both? It’s a simple example but illustrates how important it is to examine what’s important to customers and let that determine your direction.

Call to action

Your new website should have a strong call to action, not just on the Contact or Services page, but on every page. Every piece of copy should be an encouragement to contact you. What if a prospect is halfway down your About page and suddenly feels an urge to get in touch? How are they going to do that? Is there a contact form link on the page for them to click, a phone number or email address that’s easily visible?

And have you thought about HOW you want your customers to contact you? How do you want your incoming channels to work? Maybe you need to focus on resource and channel shift from phone to Inbox?

It’s a great by-product of a new website that the questions you will face from your web developer will tease out crucial information about you and your offer. The bonus is that time spent refining this information and making sure it is correctly, and compellingly, reflected in your website really is time well spent, and will ensure your website goes further to achieve your business objectives and satisfy your customers, now and into the future.