Our shared platform allows secure, reliable and economical hosting of emails, websites and systems without a company having the expense of their own dedicated server and everything that goes with that, such as firewalls and maintenance. By sharing a server between companies, costs can be shared and kept low.

Depending on the size of business, most companies, particularly smaller operations don’t need the processing power, memory and space that a dedicated server provides. A shared platform allows you to have just what your business needs. And if your requirements shrink or grow, we can decrease or increase your resource accordingly.

Security isn’t an issue. Each account is completely self-contained so that in the rare event of an issue on one account it cannot travel to others on the same server. Clever Cultrix technology ensures that all is as secure as it possibly can be, including all your data.

What our customers say

We have entrusted web hosting requirements to Cultrix, who offer not only advice and guidance but also field all support calls from our clients.

John from Warrington.

Having dealt with ISP's directly in the past, we are now relieved of that burden and any issues, although rare, are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

John from Warrington.

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Simply get a quote online or request a callback. If there’s anything you’re not sure about we’re here to help. Just call on 0330 333 5790 or email us.

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Looking for your own white label hosting platform for your customers?

Cultrix is a white label specialist providing fully branded hosting services on behalf of many other IT companies.

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