Cultrix uses a combination of online and onsite backup services to ensure that your vital data is safe from harm with the ability to be restored at any time. This means backup for PCs, laptops, Macs and servers with everything safeguarded: files, emails, Internet history, all encrypted for maximum security and protection.

The Cultrix brainy backup bunch will be able to advise you on the best backup option according to your needs, the risks to your business and your available budget. All Cultrix online backup services are UK-based but you can request to have a choice of other EU or worldwide storage option too. Whatever option you choose, the most recent version of everything you were working on and ever need will be available for you to access anytime.

VHD (Virtual Hard Drive)

If you have a lot of data, and perhaps a slow Internet connection we might recommend onsite backups and the use of a VHD, so the hard drive can be installed on any machine or restored to a cloud system, such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS. This is particularly useful too if your server is in any sort of jeopardy, or needs repairing, upgrading or replacing.


We also use Versioning, which is where we configure on-premises servers to take snapshots of files and folders so that if something is accidentally overwritten you can simply right-click to view a previous version and choose to conveniently restore that version.


If for whatever reason your office disappears - unfortunately, fires, floods and disasters do happen – with Datto you can access all your data and carry on working via a remote desktop. Datto is the ultimate backup solution in this regard, providing hardware that keeps a full backup onsite whilst also syncing to an online location.

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