PPC gets your advert in front of your customers, appearing on search engines like Google and BING alongside organic results and on relevant websites that display adverts. Not only do your adverts show when people search for your services, but it’s quite common to show them when someone searches for your competitors’ names too.

Naturally there’s a cost, relative to how competitive your industry is but you can set a daily budget and alter it as and when you need to according to the status of your leads and sales. Cultrix can set you up with this highly effective strategy to get more leads into your business and make the most of every penny of your marketing budget.

Remarketing is advertising to people who may have been on your website and looked at a product but not finished their purchase. You can ask them to “come back and checkout!” Or they may have nearly completed your contact form. Remarketing focuses your marketing budget on those people who have already been on part of the journey with you so you don’t waste your time on a potentially uninterested audience.

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