You’ll be impressed by how quickly we recognise what your business needs, and how much we love a challenge. But most of all you will just feel satisfied that your IT, your business and its customers, is in safe hands.

Management team

Headed up by our commander-in-chief, this is where we look after the heart of our operation as well as accounts, administration and sales.

Meet the Team   IT support team   Cultrix Barnsley


Managing Director

“I studied Cybernetics at Bradford University, which is about the relationship between humans and computers. It was a lot of programming and robotics (and playing with Lego!). As part of the course, I started a work placement with ITSUVO (the IT Support Unit for Voluntary Organisations). It’s a long story but from this came the opportunity to set up Cultrix. I developed an interest in programming web applications, which has since become my specialism and I now write advanced database driven applications that put businesses online.”

“I’m a perfectionist when it comes to IT I will admit, but at Cultrix, we’re not too serious! It’s more like family; we all support each other.”

Meet the Team   IT support team   Cultrix Barnsley


Service Desk Manager

Dawn attended Broadway Barnsley then Barnsley College before working in a clerical office.

“I have become a technology-geek since working at Cultrix. It’s got under my skin, probably because I like problem-solving. I have a real can-do attitude and I’m fascinated by how technology can provide solutions. That’s the really great part of my job – getting it right for our customers, and seeing time and again that there is always a way to achieve what is needed.”

In her spare time Dawn loves to get the family together. “I also love music, and True Crime, the darker the better.”

Meet the Team   IT support team   Cultrix Barnsley


Accounts Manager

“Before I came to Cultrix I was an IT virgin and supervised a shoe store.”

Cultrix accounts could not be in better hands. Lorraine studied business economics and maths. She brings all the necessary qualities to the role of account management. “It’s all about having a great attitude to customer service and pride in the job. Oh, and a sense of humour!”

“The best thing about working at Cultrix is being part of a great team. Although, no offence to the team, but I do like to take holidays from them when I can! Usually at our second home in Cyprus with friends and family.”

Managed service desk

The walls are literally buzzing with technology in here. This is where we gather all our cyber and human energy to combat IT mishaps and respond to our customers’ needs.

Meet the Team   IT support team   Cultrix Barnsley


Senior Systems Support Engineer

Driton has been a dedicated IT Infrastructure Engineer for over 20 years and has a specialism in Office 365 virtual and cloud systems.

Self-confessed “perfectionist” Driton pursues all relevant certifications in his field and enjoys the trusting relationships he develops with clients as a result.

When he’s not studying all things tech and cloud, Driton also loves to travel and find beautiful places for hiking.

Meet the Team   IT support team   Cultrix Barnsley


Systems Support Engineer

Jack studied IT at college before coming to Cultrix. At school he finds that he mostly studied subjects beginning with the letter G, like Geography, German and Graphics!

Now he’s a ‘grafter’ at Cultrix and a hands-on member of the team, learning from the skilled Cultrix technicians with every new call he gets involved in. With an interest in IT hardware and a professional attitude to customer service, Jack is an asset to the Cultrix service desk team.

Meet the Team   IT support team   Cultrix Barnsley


Systems Support Engineer

With three years’ experience already in a customer-facing supervisory role, music lover Aron feels it’s important to provide the best for the customer and has an interest in account management.

It helps that Cultrix is such a friendly place to work and prioritises support to both its customers and staff. “The team made me feel at home on my first day and have always been there to have my back if I needed help.”

Aron plays the guitar and writes his own music in his spare time.

Meet the Team   IT support team   Cultrix Barnsley


Systems Support Technician

“The most interesting part of my work for Cultrix is logging into customers’ computers and fixing new problems. Not all problems will be the same.”

Tristan, having attended Barnsley College for four years has achieved Level 3 Cambridge Technical Extended Diploma at distinction. As well as now serving an apprenticeship at Cultrix, he also works part-time at Barnardo’s and is studying for his guitar exams.

“I think I bring a great attitude to Cultrix. I also take pride in my job. I try my best to sort issues out for customers."

Meet the Team   IT support team   Cultrix Barnsley


Systems Support Technician

Tyrese studied core mathematics, politics, sociology and performing arts, before holding several roles, including a manager role, before joining the Cultrix team.

He’d now like to learn how to code and he’s in the right place, surrounded by so many techies in our web-based world. “I’m interested in learning how to code and have a willingness to learn.”

Tyrese says he also enjoys rock climbing, hanging with friends and football, “but only in defence as my left and right feet are as bad as each other”.

Meet the Team   IT support team   Cultrix Barnsley


Systems Support Technician

Having worked in a related sector, with mobile phone software and hardware, fitness and Harry Potter fan Lizzie is pleased to now be working purely in her favourite field of IT.

“Full-time IT is where I like to be. I enjoy getting to the bottom of customers’ IT issues and always find it rewarding to get an end result and good solution. And it’s such a friendly and welcoming team at Cultrix – I learn new things every day.”

Meet the Team   IT support team   Cultrix Barnsley


Service Desk Support Assistant

“Knowing that I work for a company that cares about its customers 100% is the best thing about being part of the Cultrix team. It’s good to know when you go home each night that you will have made a customer’s working day just that little bit – or a lot! – easier.”

Ex-drama and English student, Emma, is kept busy at home by her two small children Thomas and Ethan but occasionally manages to find time to be in the kitchen for her favourite hobby, which is baking and decorating cupcakes.

Meet the Team   IT support team   Cultrix Barnsley


Logistics and Facilities Assistant

Father of Shaun, Managing Director, Dave’s area of governance is the business itself.

“I make sure that all the practicalities of running a business are in place so that everything runs as smoothly and efficiently as it possibly can. I make sure that everyone has everything they need to be happy and productive in their roles. Shaun and his team take care of the customers and their IT; I take care of the team. We’re a close family outside of work so I guess the team atmosphere at Cultrix is an extension of that.”

Meet the Team   IT support team   Cultrix Barnsley


Field Technician (London)

Our own London superhero, Richard is perhaps only short of the ability to fly, although some customers wouldn’t think so, he’s so adept at getting from one end of the city to the other, on his bike if he has to.

Ready for any mission from Cultrix HQ, he’s affectionately known as the ‘Milk Tray Man’ because of his readiness to run to the rescue of any Cultrix customer whenever required, bringing his expertise and skill to whatever business IT issue they have that needs attention.

Online services

Here we have our web development team, taking care of our own and our clients’ online services, such as their social media channels, content creation, ticketing and call logging systems. We also hold our client web workshop days here.

Meet the Team   IT support team   Cultrix Barnsley


Web Designer

“At Cultrix we really care that the websites we create for clients are the absolute best they can be, both in terms of innovative design and functionality. For me, as a self-confessed design-geek, it’s a great place to work. I have goals I want to reach with every digital project we undertake and it’s enjoyable to go on those journeys with the customer and the team to achieve them.”

Coffee-connoisseur and food lover, Adrian is a keen cook and on Sundays can usually be found in the kitchen cooking the roast dinner, if he isn’t catching up on the cricket, rugby or football.

Meet the Team   IT support team   Cultrix Barnsley



“I make sure that all Cultrix communications, from the words on the website to all customer correspondence is engaging and speaks the Cultrix brand. Cultrix are extremely active so there is always a good news story to tell or an interesting product to write about - in our upbeat Cultrix style. I love copywriting and I love innovation so this is the perfect job for me.”

Rachel is also a qualified, experienced proofreader and blog writer so she’s as happy getting her red pen out on our documents as she is turning techie news items into plain English.

Meet the Team   IT support team   Cultrix Barnsley


Search Engine Optimiser

"Cultrix prioritise a content-focused marketing strategy, none of the tricks that can get you in trouble with the search engines. This is an approach I share and it’s just how I like to work; adhere to Google rules and regularly post quality, relevant content."

John is an SEO specialist whose expertise ranges from Google pay-per-click campaigns, webmaster tools and sourcing relevant web content, to working with professional, sector bloggers on posts and backlink strategies. John knows exactly what is needed for whatever sector our Cultrix customer is in when it comes to planning and executing SEO sector campaigns, and getting results.

Meet the Team   IT support team   Cultrix Barnsley


Social Media Manager

"I’m obsessed by, even addicted, to social media, so for me, working on and with social media is perfect. I enjoy seeing how people interact with different forms of media and how these are constantly shifting, with new platforms and features."

As a social media manager, James plans and curates engaging content, which is then optimised and shared across multiple, social media platforms in order to achieve the targets and goals set out by Cultrix customers in a comprehensive social media strategy.