Along with all those other new year’s resolutions, if one of yours is to finally get around to having a website built, what can you do to ensure you succeed? Here are some industry tips to help you make sure you get the job done in 2020.

Is your new year’s resolution for 2020, to finally get a new website?

Get a proactive web developer

Not all web developers work to a project plan, allow time for development and testing, and keep the whole design and build firmly on track until completion. Some of our Cultrix Digital customers come to us because they’re not getting anywhere with their current web developer and feel they have to keep pushing them all the time.

We don’t understand this at Cultrix Digital. When we are engaged to build a new website, we enthusiastically get on with the job because we want to see our customer’s bright and shiny new online presence as soon as possible; just like they do.

Get a web developer who can provide ALL the website’s elements

You might envision your new website as a simple, static design. On the other hand, you may have some animation or illustration in mind, or video. Even if you do want a simple website, if you need any of these other elements, many web developers are not able to provide them.

Copywriting is also an element you need to consider. Professionally written website copy that pays attention to SEO means your website is going to get off to a better start than without it. But does your web developer provide copywriting?

At Cultrix Digital we work with a trusted copywriter, animator, illustrator and video producer to ensure we have a ‘crack’ team on hand for all elements of exciting new web builds. It means we can coordinate all elements to keep the build on track, as well as make things a lot simpler for you by not having to source other services.

Get a web developer who understands your vision

We’ll get excited by your vision, and do everything we can to realise it and exceed your expectations in both design and functionality. But we’ll also know what’s possible too. We won’t promise something that can’t be delivered. And we’ve got the experience to know what will work and what won’t.

The last thing you want is to end up with a website that pays no attention to your original brief and doesn’t look like or do anything you wanted or asked for.

Get a web developer with a strong customer service track record

If you put a call into your developer to ask how it’s progressing and you get the feeling all they want to do is get rid of you, or give you hazy answers about when it will be ready and where it’s at, it’s a good indication that you are going to have a long, frustrating journey.

At Cultrix Digital, we are delighted to take your calls. You can always speak to us directly, whenever you want to check progress, chat about an idea or discuss an issue. We put our customers’ happiness first and foremost in everything we do, with attention to great service every step of the way.

Don’t delay!

What are you waiting for? 2020 can, without a doubt, be your year for a stunning, new website. Cultrix Digital has every element of web development and build needed, and the drive to get your digital new year’s resolution well and truly accomplished. We look forward to working with you.