Capture the positive outlook for 2022 with a website that tunes into your customers’ priorities and aspirations. Here are some of the top themes high on the agenda for 2022 that your business could potentially do more to address.

Want to make your customers happy in 2022?

Sustainability for happier communities and planet

Sustainability shouldn’t be a tick-box exercise now. Customers of 2022 are highly suspicious of ‘green washing’ and look for real evidence of businesses doing over and above to support the low-carbon agenda. The days of just saying you use recycled paper, and that being enough, are over. Customers want to see paperless, sustainable and eco-conscious operations as much as possible; they want to see handmade products, community engagement and giving back.

Bring through the sustainability aspect of your business on your website. Perhaps in a ‘community’, giving back, or blog page, talk about your good relationships with the business community, and eco initiatives you’re involved in to help groups or the environment, perhaps in a sector or area that is related to your business. If customers can see you have a positive, helpful relationship with the environment and people, it’s natural for them to feel you’d have a good relationship with them too.

Give me more, yes more - value

If you have previously considered value as too unsexy to include in your marketing for your products and services, think again. Value for money is very high on everyone’s agenda in 2022. The cost of living is rising and with uncertainty about the future still very much hanging around, people are more conscious than ever of their spending.

Customers and clients alike are looking for the maximum return and value as possible for their money.

If your website doesn’t make it obvious, bring through the value you offer. If you think your product or service offers more than the rest, say so. If you think your after-service care provides real value and makes lives easier, say so. Identify the value you offer and make it pop on your website.

Educate – your audience is now a sponge

Partly due to lockdowns when people were bored, or they had a practical need to get something done themselves because they couldn’t get an expert in to do it for them, people are hungry for knowledge. Subscriptions to masterclasses have gone through the roof. From sewing to website design, from drawing to car servicing, people have learnt how good it feels to learn a new skill; good for feeling empowered and therefore wellbeing.

Could you help your customers learn a new skill? Is there an aspect of your service or product that you could help customers to create or do for themselves?

Don’t worry about losing business here. By helping your customers to learn, you are establishing yourself as an authority and who they will turn to when they’ve got as far as they can on their own. At Cultrix, for example, we cater for people to ‘do it themselves’, tailoring our services to support, for example, with Build-A-Website-Workshops.

You don’t have to go as far as workshops if you don’t want to; helpful blogs and videos that demonstrate a helpful skill or piece of learning could also be highly desirable to your audience.

Personal wellbeing and growth journeys

The years 2020 and 2021 have been hard for many. Pastimes to enhance wellbeing and help people find their inner peace and place of calm, have risen dramatically in popularity. Outdoor yoga, meditation, cooking, foraging and wild swimming are just a few examples. If there is a wellbeing aspect to your business, now is the time to highlight this and present the opportunity to work with you to your audience.

Do you host an outdoor networking group? Do you and the team go off-grid for team building? Do you have personal health, growth and wellbeing high on your company agenda? What are the people-values you regard highly in your business? Perhaps you have excellent family-friendly working practices that could be made a feature of in your blog or about page. If your values promote wellbeing, make sure this comes through in your homepage first impressions.

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