“The need for tweaks, updates and fixes is a reality.” (Cultrix, circa 2018)

What are website maintenance services?

Three years on and the situation remains the same – websites need regular maintenance and support to keep them in tip-top condition for browsers to enjoy. And be free of the security mishaps and vulnerabilities that can increasingly occur in this day and age, and cause harm to your online presence.

So, what are maintenance services, and what should web developers be providing if you opt for their services? It will depend on what package you have but here are some basics:

Security updates and monitoring

Regular security updates, plus on-demand security updates when required, will ensure any potential vulnerabilities and bugs are fixed and your website remains secure. Security monitoring will also pick up any fixes required along the way.

Running software and plugin updates

As browsers alter, tweaks are needed. Checking for, and running, the necessary plugin updates for your website will keep it working as it should; smoothly and compatibly with all its different components.

Regular backups

Very important for your security and business recovery is having regular website backups. You should expect this in every website maintenance package of any quality.

Resolving crawl errors

It depends if you have SEO support that will check for crawl errors on your site and fix issues such as broken links, incorrect redirects and any other issues that stop search engines indexing your site.

Telephone / helpdesk support

Some maintenance packages will include this. For others, it’s extra or available as an on-demand package. Help at the end of the phone if you have a website issue means you can get emergency assistance when you need it, to resolve unforeseen problems.

Content updates

Does your content need regularly updating and creating? We would suggest this is always necessary, as markets and customers change in their demands, and you need to remain responsive to them. Some web maintenance packages include content updates, some don’t, so it’s worth checking.

Peace of mind

You’re paying your developer to stay ahead of the game so you don’t have to. This gives you peace of mind that your website’s looked after. Developers on top of their customers’ web setups will have systems in place to automatically update customers’ sites when there is a need, say from a browser change, a scheduled software/plugin update, or new cybersecurity risk.

Web developers often get on with the job, but love to talk about the ins and outs of the techie detail when a customer asks them. So, if in doubt, ask your web developer, and it will be part of their helpful response to talk you through what you need to know, so you’re reassured your website maintenance is in the best hands.