To get people to follow your blog and tweets you need it to be interesting or you’ll lose people as quickly as they join. Your website is your formal contact with the world, a blog should be where you demonstrate your knowledge and experience, Twitter should show a bit more personality, Facebook can allow you to interact with your 'friends' in a more informal way, and LinkedIn is like an organic CV and a place to build up professional contacts.

Wordpress, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

Use links to pages on your website in your blogs, tweets or posts. So if you’re talking about a new grant scheme you can link to the page on your website that gives more information and an application form. There are badges that can be added to your website to link to your blog, Twitter and Facebook page, and LinkedIn profile. You could add a page to your website linking to them all, or place the badges in the footer of your website so that they can be reached on any page. We also have links in our email signatures.

For Twitter, a good place to start is here:, for Facebook look here:, and for LinkedIn:

Here are my efforts, I'm still learning but it will all be playing a bigger part in our marketing efforts from now on:

All of these are great for linking into your main website which is where ultimately you want people to end up as this is the business end of your organisation and where people will go when they want to do business with you. Overall social media is about additional exposure and touch points with potential service users.

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