Dear Partners, customers, and visitors,

These are unprecedented times. The arrival of the coronavirus is having a profound effect on all our lives: from how we care for those we love the most, to the way we work, and how we spend time with our friends. Being able to continue operating and serving our customers has never been more important. Thank you for letting Cultrix take care of you and your business during these disquieting times, as we all adapt to new working arrangements and find out what the virus means for our businesses, our colleagues, our customers, our partners, and everyone else that interacts with us.

Coronavirus: How Cultrix is Operating

We recognise the vital role we have to play during the crisis, ensuring you are able to send and receive emails, access your data, and continue delivering your services to your own customers. Cultrix has a serious and deeply-felt obligation to ensure you are able to do this unimpeded. While some of our customers were not fully prepared to work from home, we have worked tirelessly with them to put in place temporary solutions that allow as many customers as possible to access everything they need, while scheduling bigger projects in parallel to migrate those who wish to take the opportunity to jump to a cloud-based solution.

Our entire team has adapted to deliver our services in a way that’s safe, and takes full advantage of all the technology we’re always telling people about. We practice what we preach. Everyone can perform their roles properly from home, reducing contact, keeping the support flowing. It’s never been more important to keep our customers, and those of our partners, operating.

Cultrix has operated like this since Tuesday 17th March 2020, switching seamlessly from our head office – customers none-the-wiser. By isolating our staff quickly, we safeguarded their health and well-being, but also protected them so that we can maintain adequate staffing levels on our ever-important Service Desk. The calls are still made and answered, we can transfer them between each other as we always have; emails are still sent and received; remote support connections are still made. It’s just “another day at the office” for us, but not at the office.

Over the coming weeks and months we promise to keep working non-stop to keep our customers working in this uncertain world.

24/7 monitoring wherever you are

Whether you’re now using your home computer to remote control your computer at the office, have a work laptop, or have disassembled your office PC and moved it home, our management agent continues to monitor your devices and provide us with important data and access no matter where you are.

Remote control, VPNs, syncing and cloud!

With so much terminology you may be hearing for the first time, we’re here to help you take advantage of them all without needing to understand the magic that makes them work! We’re big advocates of being location-independent, having access to what you need wherever you are, but – all while maintaining the highest levels of security and data protection.

Putting our people first

But most of all we put people at the heart of what we do. One of the first things we did was assess the working environment of each team member (remotely of course!) by making sure they completed DSE risk assessments. Some even took furniture from the office to make sure they were comfortable and could work effectively no matter how long this lasts.

Your questions… answered

We know you have questions, and demand quick and accurate answers. Every day we’ll listen to them and use our experts to give you the clarity and solutions you need.

Hope and optimism

Finally, we promise to remain upbeat, you won’t ever get a grumpy advisor. These are challenging times but that won’t take away the charm of our friendly IT superheroes.

We are in this together.

Take care,
Shaun Wilders
Managing Director (aka “The Commander”)

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