According to research from Sennheiser, each British worker will receive on average 1728 pointless emails each year. 'Please sponsor me' and 'organising a whipround' as well as Happy Birthday emails have been found to be some of the most annoying email subjects.

We receive on average 1728 pointless emails a year

Their poll of 2,000 office workers discovered some interesting information about our email habits and some of the most irritating subject lines. And, amusingly, it was found that a third of works have somebody on the team who are known to copy in anyone and everyone into emails.

Despite the email glut that goes on, it was found that 53% of people preferred it if others picked up the phone more often and spoke to them.The research found that 38% of workers have sent an email that has been taken the wrong way, which builds a case for people talking to one another in person, or even picking up the phone, to avoid the misunderstandings rife in email communication. However, 20% of workers reported to not being confident on the phone, and 10% even saying they're 'often scared to pick up the phone.' Ironically, according to the research we find it very irritating to receive an email from someone sitting next to us as opposed to them actually speaking to us.

Here's what our pointless emails are about:

  • Please sponsor me
  • Happy birthday
  • Introducing new starters
  • The printer has broken down
  • There is going to be a fire alarm
  • Secret Santa
  • Congratulations about 'a job well done'
  • Can everyone chip in for a whip around please?
  • Someone has left their car lights on
  • Debates over the temperature of the aircon
  • Sweepstake for the lottery
  • Sweepstake for the Grand National
  • The toilet is blocked
  • Food has gone missing from the fridge
  • The fridge needs cleaning
  • Whose photocopying is left on the photocopier?
  • Ran out of milk
  • Has anyone seen my building pass?
  • Someone is blocking me in in the car park
  • Someone has stolen my stapler / calculator / etc.
  • Whose turn is it to make tea?
  • There aren't any tea bags / coffee left
  • Someone has stolen my mug
  • Someone has used their favourite mug
  • The bins need emptying
  • Dishwasher needs emptying
  • There isn't any toilet roll left
  • Anyone got the keys to the pool car?

The research has also found that, 67% of workers are finding they're handling more emails than phone calls, and that 24% of workers admitted to pretending they're working when in reality they're firing off an email to a friend.

Source: Sennheiser

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