Emails appearing to be from your contact asking you to transfer funds to an account may even appear to be from your boss, or a trusted supplier. We can help you to be aware and safeguarded.

Often these attacks take the form of an email to the finance person in an organisation appearing to be from the CEO/MD asking for a transfer of money to a sort code and account number. Information on the who’s who in a company is available online, but sometimes there may be phone calls in advance to determine this. The amounts involved can be anything from a few hundred pounds to several thousand but usually not enough to raise concern. When replying, most people would not realise that the reply address is suspect. Once the money is transferred, it’s gone, and recovery is unlikely.

Another type of impersonation attack is an email pretending to be from a supplier notifying you that their bank details have changed, this type of attack can also be carried out by a letter in the post. The recipient updates the details in their system and the next time they pay an invoice, it goes to the impersonator.

We’ve written a blog that can help you to spot emails from an impersonator and advise on how a change in your business processes can protect you.

We also have a useful staff training presentation so that your staff can learn how to spot impersonation emails and potentially save you from the financial losses they can result in.