What is a brand story? Do you have one? Why is it important? Brand stories are the single most vital reason why people buy from you. Here’s the low-down:

Are you telling your brand story?

You must have heard the phrase, if not once, many times: “people buy from people”.

Emotional connection is everything

In other words, you can have the most sophisticated, useful products and services on the planet, but if you don’t connect emotionally, on some level, with your customers, they are unlikely to feel as if they want to buy from you, and so they most likely won’t.

There’s a reason the About page on a website is the second-most viewed page on a website after the homepage. People who are interested in what you have to offer, and are considering buying from you, hope to connect with you on a personal level. The About page is the obvious page for them to do this.

What is a brand story?

A brand story is the origin story of why you do what you do – the story of your journey. It’s often personal; the set of circumstances that led to you running your business. And believe it or not, people want to know it.

Your brand story tells your customers something unique about you; it’s this personal detail they want to know. Call it nosiness, call it wanting to find out if you’re their type of person – either way, they want to know so they can decide if you’re the right company/person for them to do business with.

Do I have a brand story?

Every business has a brand story. It doesn’t have to be complex or heart-rending. It just has to be honest – a fake brand story is not a good idea.

Simple is best

J.K. Rowling’s brand story is that she wrote children’s books in cafes while struggling as a single mum.

Richard Branson’s brand story is that he dropped out of school and set up an airline.

Ben and Jerry’s brand story is that they met on a five-dollar ice-cream making course, scraping together to start making their own.

Sometimes known as an ‘origin story’, or ‘our story

Your brand, or, origin, story is something that can be woven into the text on your About page, and is sometimes referred to as ‘our story’. It can also be set apart as a separate story – be a few lines or longer.

And, brand story doesn’t even have to feature as a separate piece at all.

Brand story is the background to everything

You should identify what your brand story is, because it should, ideally, inform all the text on your website; coming through in your tone of voice, and how you do business.

Well-written websites don’t keep the brand story out of the rest of the content; the story informs the tone of voice and the behaviours of your business. Brand story, even if you never actually tell it, is still important to identify.

What if I don’t have a brand story?

Everyone has a brand story. Not necessarily thrilling, or about ice-cream, or airlines, but they still have one.

If you’re struggling to identify your brand story, a discovery session can help. Once you have your brand story, you can really bring your brand, and content to life, to connect more successfully with your customers.