Copywriting: an essential part of any website build

Professionally written words increase the return of any investment you might make in your online presence. If you are thinking about a new website, or revamping an existing one, and you haven’t got a good copywriter in tow, you are effectively limiting your success before you begin.

In the design and build of Cultrix’s own recent new website, Rachel Smith, copywriter at Cultrix worked closely, alongside design and build technicians to craft the words for each new page, ensuring:

  • The words fit perfectly with the design, to complement and add impact to the brand
  • The amount of words is consistent and in-line with space in the design
  • The tone of voice is on-brand, speaking in the right way to Cultrix’s ideal customers
  • Words are easy for browsers to read and give them the value they’re looking for
  • The right words / SEO terms feature to ensure effective search engine ranking
  • Grammatical correctness, for maximum success in search engine ranking
  • Metadata field for SEO are completed, again for maximum SEO effectiveness

Shaun Wilders, MD at Cultrix, says, “We’re definitely getting more enquiries now we’ve done the website, there’s no doubt about that, the copy has a contribution to that.”

The resulting new Cultrix website is that it is pleasant and easy for customers to browse and get the information about the IT services they are looking for, and, at the same time get a feel for what Cultrix are like to work with.

“The first attributes of the Cultrix brand are ‘trust, honest and credibility’. This has to come across in the words so that customers know they can absolutely rely on Cultrix to provide the best service that will perfectly support their business. So, the tone of voice is knowledgeable and helpful, but also personable and friendly, to convey that this is a team of professionals who will get to know you and what IT services and support are right for your business.” Rachel Smith, Copywriter at Cultrix

The words, just like the design of your website, say so much about your organisation that to overlook attention to them is a mistake. And once those perfect words, that describe exactly what you do for your customers, are created, they’re yours to keep for use again and again, in further campaigns such as blogs, social media campaigns and marketing emails.

Pay a copywriter once and get infinite return on the words that better speak to and engage your customers.