Painting the post-purchase paradise is all about describing the happy state of mind a customer will be in once they buy from, or work with, you.

It’s an effective psychological technique used in marketing and when it comes to building content to effectively seduce prospective customers with the solution you are providing, through your products or services.

Let’s take a closer look at post-paradise purchase marketing, examples and how you can incorporate the technique into your website.

Define the problem you’re solving

All sales are reliant on the fact they solve a problem for a customer. Whether that’s providing an all-natural soap for sensitive skin, providing watertight roofing solutions for houseowners or cybersecurity systems for businesses to operate more safely online.

The reason a customer will buy from you is because they trust your promise to solve their problem – whatever problem that is. Or they’re at least willing to try you out.

And, ideally, once they buy from you – they’re problem free. That’s what you as the provider and they want.

Marketing the problem-free life

By talking about the problem-free life your customer will have when they buy from, or work with, you, you are setting out the ‘paradise’ they want, and before purchase, can only imagine.

Here are a few examples, using our instance above of soap, roofing and cybersecurity:

  • “Clean, beautiful skin you never knew was possible.”
  • “However heavy the rain falls your safety and peace of mind is assured.”
  • “You and your customers never need to worry about security and how you’re handling and storing data.” 

Tempting the prospective customer

Each of the above examples is describing or painting the picture of the happy state of mind the customer can achieve if they buy your product. I.e.

  • Irritation-free skin
  • Safe, dry home
  • Secure online business 

Even though they haven’t, at this point, bought from you, with content that clearly paints the post-purchase paradise, you’re making it easy for prospects to imagine what life will be like once they purchase.

This setting out of the ‘paradise’, which is the state the customer is in because they’ve had their problem solved, tempts the customer to engage / purchase.

Social proof

One of the essential additionally tactics you use, when it comes to writing website content that focuses on the post-purchase paradise is use of social proof.

The paradise of the solution will be a lot more compelling if you can demonstrate, talk about, quote or showcase evidence of other customers who are already ‘living the dream’.

You can display Google reviews, customer feedback or simply pull out real life positive things your customers have said about the experience of using your products and services, and, if appropriate, the whole experience of dealing with you as a brand.

Consider video demonstrations, story content and before-after depictions, in images and text to show your product in action.

Why post-purchase paradise content works

The psychology of post-purchase paradise content and why it works so well is that it is, in essence, positive. If the customer has a problem, such positivity about getting rid of their problem is hard to resist.

There’s also an element of FOMO (fear of missing out) in play. If they don’t buy, they’ll be left with their problem.

Once hooked, and in the process of considering your offer, the prospect will be driven to seek out more content for the reassurance of the solution.

Be consistent with your post-purchase paradise messaging and use social proof across all your marketing platforms.

Concentrate on the sensory experience

Enforce the post-purchase paradise written content with the design, imagery and user experience. For example, going back to our soap, roofing and cybersecurity products:

  • Refreshing, natural colour palettes with wellbeing and beauty focused video content showing the product in action
  • Images of warmth, cosiness and details of housebuilding related awards, long-life warranty guarantees, etc.
  • Colour palettes indicating reassurance, safety and compliance, (avoiding red and other ‘warning’ colours), with business reviews, content of ‘real team’ and people support, etc. 

Need help understanding and painting your post-purchase paradise?

We can help with your brand and content messaging to ensure these are communicated in your website design and user experience, and effectively convey the ‘paradise’ of being your customer.

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