Whether you’re rushing to finish a new website because you’re all out of steam, or on deadline, it’s not worth cutting the corners and risking the amount of time and effort you’ve already put in, being a waste.

Err, your website isn’t quite finished. Here’s why.

Here’s four things NOT to miss out, even if you are in rush.

We get it. We know how much effort goes into building a new website. You’ve interrogated your brand to the ‘nth degree, your brain is awash with colour pallets and you’ve thought all you can possibly think about fonts, user journeys and targeted copy.

In fact, if anyone even mentions the website to you again, there’s a possibility you’re going to run for the hills.

We’ve seen it happen – not at Cultrix we might add.

There’s a lot to consider, and without a capable web developer to lift the load from you, your new-website excitement and enthusiasm can rapidly turn to:

“Can’t we just get this done as quickly as possible?”

But no matter how tempting it might be to go down the quick-finish route, we never do this at Cultrix, and strongly recommend that you don’t either, and certainly without incorporating these crucial elements of a new website.

1. A strong, immediate statement of what you do

If you’re a roofer, say so. If you’re a chemical engineering firm, say so. Whatever you are, even if you think it’s obvious from your brand/name – you need to say it.

Browsers will scan homepages and want to know at a glance what your product/service offer is.

Miss your obvious product/service description at your peril.

2. Reveal who you are

About us pages can be so corporate and product-focused it can be debatable if there’s actually a real person/people behind the company. Don’t make this mistake.

Browsers are looking for authenticity – say who you are, mention names, and consider not hiding your geographical location in order to look as if your deliver nation/world-wide. It will have the opposite effect and your presence will seem either superficial or too distant and lacking in personality for browsers to connect with.

3. An undoubtable call to action

You should have a call to action on every page. Yes really.

Why? Well, browsers don’t necessarily want to click to a contact page to be told to get in touch, so you have to tell them on every page. Put it in the footer, or side panel, what you want browsers to do now they’ve viewed their page.

Make it obvious that they should now contact you, sign up to a newsletter, find out more, get a quote, etc. Or they will just up and leave without trace.

4. Enough content

Running out of steam can often mean the written content gets left. Writing inspiring words after all requires, well, inspiration. But before you sign off, ask yourself if there is enough content of a quality standard that isn’t just throwaway, filler content.

Without enough content, your website will lack credibility, SEO traction, insight, value and good user experience.

Put the effort in now and write the words to give your browsers the quality knowledge, insight and hook to want to know you more, otherwise they’ll get the distinct impression you just don’t care, and they won’t either.

Having trouble finishing your new website?

If you feel the energy running out, get in touch before it’s too late, and we’ll make sure the essentials don’t get missed.

We’ve got more than enough website energy for the both of us.