Think your content could be better? We could talk to you all day about how to write good web and marketing content, but to give a quick helping hand, here’s a rundown of helpful words to use, and words you should definitely AVOID.

Good and bad words in content

Why words are so important

Words matter because they are how your audience and customers understand you. Words make us have a reaction; an emotional response to what they are telling us. With words you can communicate urgency, make a person think, offer possibilities and hope.

In short, the words you use have a direct influence on engagement, trust, brand loyalty, and, of course, sales.

Trust words

Words to inspire browsers and prospective customers to trust you as a business and have faith in your proposal.

Thank you – where it’s appropriate, say thanks, it shows you care

Safe – demonstrates the product is tested

Parent-approved – or approved by the appropriate group, e.g., sports coach-approved – you are indicating social proof that your product has been trialled

No obligation – shows you are confident in your product and prompts the urge to try it

Effective – your content will need to explain at what, but we all want to know the product we buy isn’t useless 

Results – we all want results, say what these are

Authentic – customers across the board want authenticity, but be careful not to overdo this one or it will come across as the opposite

Helping words

Demonstrate you are ready to help, giving value before a customer has even bought from you. You’ll build engagement, following and establish you as a go-to.

Ideas – we all want ideas and inspiration

Top tips – handy hints and tips are great – don’t hold back!

Save – this could be save money, or save time – what we all want

Hassle-free – reassures the process of buying from you is easy

Expert advice – yes please

Call-to-action words

You don’t want to be pushy or you’ll undermine everything you’ve done in the trust and help department. Nevertheless, there are words you can use to inspire action.

Today – no time like the present

Do it – inspires a positive action feeling for the present moment

Flash sale – what a bit of luck you landed at the right time

Deal ends soon/today – inspires a sense of urgency – won’t be around forever

Last chance – buy now or it’s gone

Tired words to avoid

We’re all subject to so much marketing some words turn us off before we even realise it, we’ve read them SO many times before.

Revolutionary – be honest, it’s really not revolutionary

Exciting – let your sceptical customers be the judge of that

Great – do everyone a favour, use another word

Hurry – sounds desperate and anxiety provoking

Unqualified words to avoid

The big, fantastic, unique claim you want to make? See where we’re going with this?

Unique – unless you’re very sure it is, don’t use

Huge – compared to what?

Amazing – who said so?

Fantastic – go away please

Think carefully before using…

Don’t promise something you don’t need, or want to. As well as having the opposite effect in prompting purchase, it could get you into trouble.

Guaranteed – qualify exactly what you’re guaranteeing if you really must use it in marketing content

Or your money back – it sounds cheap – again, if you must use it, qualify the exact circumstances and terms

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