If you are thinking about a new website, you will most likely want to know how long the whole build process takes. You may need to plan other online activity around your new website’s launch such as social media campaigns, directing browsers to your site, and perhaps other advertising strategies too to alert the world to your online presence.

How long does it take to build a website?

Although it’s a difficult question to answer with absolute certainty, and depends entirely on the components and complexity of the project, a ‘typical’ website will take approximately three to four months from start to finish. This includes planning, design, development and final tweaks. At Cultrix, we will always give you realistic timescales for each phase, once we know the extent of the project. But let’s elaborate on what’s involved, as this may help you in your own planning:

  • Planning is an incredibly important phase; some people call this the ‘discovery’ phase. If your offer, and content, is complex, and you don’t exactly know how you want to organise your services, there needs to be sufficient discussion and planning to agree the best way forward. This is time well spent.
  • The intense design phase comes next; the actual design and build of the website itself. This process may uncover more queries about structuring content, but is all just part of the design process (which Cultrix love).
  • One thing that can hold up your website is if you have no written words, or web copy, for your website. If our Cultrix copywriter is writing your web copy, as an additional digital service, then there will be no hold up.
  • Photography and illustration, animation and video are other aspects of your website’s content that you may wish to feature, but haven’t yet arranged, or are coordinating externally. Again, if these are services provided by the Cultrix team, you’ll be on track.
  • Development comes next, where we review progress and check that the site is doing, and is going to do, everything you need it to, in the best way possible.
  • Out of the developments, there may be modifications to make. Hence this is called the modification phase, to make all the changes that have cropped up throughout the development.

There are a few other things along the way that can hold things up, but at Cultrix we aim to plan thoroughly beforehand and then coordinate fully, so that this doesn’t happen. BUT your illustrator or photographer may delay, or produce something that’s not right. Similarly, with the web copy, you will need to approve and agree the words for your website, which if you are using an external copywriting may take longer.

At Cultrix, you will always get regular updates on expected timescales. And we will always aim to over-achieve on our web-build deadlines. But, in every industry there are unexpected occurrences, so it’s good to know in advance what’s involved and how, during the three to four months of building, we will be working hard to deliver your exciting new website on time.