Web development often gets confused with web design, and although they are both essential aspects of the same job of creating websites, web ‘development’, specifically, is the technical build of a website to make it function and behave for the user as it should.

What is a web developer?

Web design is creative

Web design is the creative aspect. And, ideally, you need web development and design skills to be both excellent in the creation of your new website. You want your new website to look amazing, but also be so intuitive to explore that it draws in customers and makes them never want to go anywhere else.

Web development is the technical build

A web developer is responsible for the technical build that will create the quality experience for your browsers. A quality experience will not only make you more competitive online, it will significantly increase your rankings too. And as the standards for quality experience are so high now, your developer will make sure to be up to date with what is defined as a ‘quality experience’, including page loading speeds and slick purchasing processes.

Web developers create the inner workings of a website. So, if you click for a quote, are prompted to enter your details or watch a ‘how to’ video, it was the web developer who created the function. They usually have a background in computer science and know various programming languages in order to create the ‘back-end’ functionality of a user-interface, which the user only sees the graphics of.

Client-side programming

Web developers are responsible for the client-side programming that creates the dynamic content that users see and any interactive resources and functions on a website.

Server-side programming

Server-side programming ensures all of the other data, images, audio and files, etc. are displayed whenever they need to be. Server-side programming tells the web server how to behave in response to a user’s action.

Database programming

This is the most technical aspect of a web developer’s role. Database programming constructs the functions to do with how data is stored, sorted and recalled. Web developers work with database management systems to ensure the database architecture for a website is right.

Web developers have a complex role and plenty of responsibility to make sure the design of a website lives up to the experience it promises. For a committed web developer, it’s never just about making an attractive front-end to a website, it’s about providing the clever, efficient functionality that works every time.

A real web developer will know what the modern browser expects and how to build it; they will never ‘only work with WordPress’ or have any other limitations to getting you the function and build you need – the website to really impress your browsers and deliver the all important experience.

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