Having a subscribe option, or form, for visitors to enter their details on your website, is an effective, free way of keeping in touch with all those browsers who show a passing interest in your services, products and your company.

Why it’s important to have ‘subscribe’ on your website

Why wouldn’t you want to keep in touch?

It’s hard to see why you wouldn’t want to keep in touch with every single visitor who wants to know more. After all, they’re interested enough to visit your website in the first place. Having a subscribe option is a way of capitalising on that interest.

By entering their details, browsers are giving their permission for you to email your news direct to their inbox, which effectively builds a marketing list of warm leads for you to foster into further enquiries and sales.

Unless you REALLY don’t want to keep in touch

Unless you actively DO NOT want to keep in touch with visitors to your website, or, know that you definitely DO NOT want to ever email them with company, industry or product/service news, then it’s a great idea to amass names and email addresses of interested, potential customers.

How a subscribe form works

  1. You or your web developer adds a subscribe box/form to your website, preferably in a prominent place, such as the homepage, in the footer or header on every page, the sidebar, contact page, as a pop up, at the end of a blog post, on a separate landing page, or product pages. Placement will depend on the design of your website, and the outcomes you want to achieve.
  2. Browsers who visit your website, and want to get news or discounts from you, or are just interested in keeping in touch with you for the future, fill in their details – usually just a name and email address.
  3. The browsers’ entered details get added to your marketing/contact list.
  4. You send them newsletters either on a regular, semi-regular or occasional basis to tell them relevant news that could be of interest to them, such as discounts available, information about new products and services, notice of a new blog you’ve published, or other industry news.
  5. Your subscribers read your newsletters and make an action, or increase their engagement towards making a future action, for example, reading your news, making an enquiry, buying a product/service.

Benefits of having a subscribe option

Email marketing is more targeted than social media marketing

When you post on social media, you are trusting to luck, sorry algorithms, that your followers and other interested parties, who’ve shown interest in similar products, get to see your post. There will only ever be a percentage of your followers who see your post, unless they actively search for you to check out posts they’ve missed – which is unlikely unless they are an uber-active follower.

Email marketing is direct to your subscriber’s inbox, meaning they will very likely see it, and may well open it, with a view to, perhaps, reading it. In other words, a personal email is more likely to be seen and read than a social media post, particularly if you’re offering help, advice, tips and news of interest.

Opportunity to increase engagement with your brand

You can make your email news and marketing personal to your subscribers. Remember, they’re interested in you, so tell them more and why you’re someone to be listened to in your industry. You have the chance to build trust and engagement with your brand, and establish yourself as an authority, which all leads to an increased follower community.

You’re encouraging interaction

Since you’re emailing subscribers personally, they’re more likely to get in touch. That niggle that’s holding them back, that question they want answered. They are more likely to drop you a line, if you’re emailing them on a regular basis since they will feel some sort of familiarity with you – presuming your getting your emails right, on-brand and relevant to your subscribers’ needs.

Opportunity to convert engagement to sales

Ultimately, by increasing brand trust and awareness, and engaging in positive and helpful communication with subscribers, you are increasing the opportunity to make sales. Think about offering discounts, topical news and tips, competitions to win freebies and building a communications strategy that speaks to your subscriber community.

Need a subscribe option on your website?

Get in touch with your web developer for advice about the right kind of subscribe option and form for your website.

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