Rachel, our copywriter here at Cultrix, talks to Calderdale’s Halifax Courier about how she loves to support businesses and get “close to the action”, so she can create copy that helps them reach more customers.

Cultrix copywriter gets in the news!

At Cultrix, we pride ourselves on specialist, technical IT help and support, that really gets businesses and projects online in the most effective way possible. We help businesses to use the whole of IT and digital better. Copywriting is a part of that; when it comes to online presence, words really do matter.

Rachel has always been a copywriter who loves her job, bringing the best out of customers so that their website words sing their offer to their clients. Not to mention how much Google rewards well-written, mistake-free copy. Good copywriting pays attention to SEO and readability. Rachel is a professional copywriter who understands this, and gets involved with customers so she can create the words that work for their engagement and improved SEO. It’s a service not every IT and digital provider offer. We think it’s an essential one, that many of our customers have reaped great benefit from.

So, contrary to popular opinion, copywriters do not just lock themselves away with their laptop in solitary confinement. They get out into the world, to find out about and talk to other business communities. Just like all of us at Cultrix, Rachel is curious and, therefore, naturally up-to-date with industry developments. All the better for us to serve our customers with the best IT and digital services the cyber universe has to offer, including copywriting.