Integrating systems for interpreters delivers lightning-fast service with live system data

Telephone interpreting is a cost-effective, efficient means of delivering rapid interpreting support for non-English speaking people who need to access services, for instance, for health and legal reasons. Previously, Enable2 customers requiring telephone interpreting had to first telephone Enable2 to request the service, and then Enable2 client services team had to manually connect an available interpreter to them.

Website integrations that deliver on efficiency

Enable2 explained to us how telephone interpreting can be an extremely urgent requirement, with people sometimes in distressing situations requiring support and we were quickly able to see that the whole process could be done significantly quicker by linking their systems and automating various functions.

Cultrix got to work to integrate their phone system with their content management system to create a service that is completely accessible, self-serve, tracked and transparent. The customer now calls an automated service, instead of the Enable2 client services team, which allows them to select what type of interpreter they need.

The customer enters their requester pin and company code, followed by the code of the language required, e.g. 001 for Afrikaans. They can then then select a male or female interpreter, or no preference. If the person requiring the support is present, the system then starts a conference call and calls around the interpreters to find one who can accept the call. The interpreters have the option to accept or decline the call.

If the person requiring the support is not present at the time, the system requests their telephone number and calls interpreters to find one who can accept the call, whereupon the system then calls the person to add them to the conference call.

As a backup option, and in the unlikely event that no interpreters can take the call, the system calls through to Enable2 managers who then deal with the request manually.

All the while the system is handling the request, the website and content management system display information about the booking. The Enable2 team can clearly see the assignment and all the related information in the content management system as it is happening, live, and so can the client who has requested the job, via their own portal login, as well as the interpreter.

All data is viewable by all parties, creating full transparency and means of monitoring. The system records the start and end time of the call in real-time, feeding into the existing system and joining the flow of all the other appointments. The system is fully integrated to enable all services to be reflected in the invoicing system to clients, as well as payments to interpreters.

As well as easing the burden on Enable2’s client services team, the service is outstandingly quick for the customer; an interpreter now takes seconds to be connected, with manual handling taken completely out of the situation. This cuts down on the potential stress for the client in having to wait for support they may urgently need.

Greater compliancy and transparency of service data is achieved, as well as accuracy of invoicing and payments. The integration of data also allows Enable2 to have greater insight into their service provision so they can examine how clients request services and suggest cost and efficiency improvements to them. Enable2 have already saved several clients substantial budget with the system and are working with others to bring about more.