Why Amazon Web Services could be a good choice for businesses in today’s ever-evolving commercial environment

Many of today’s businesses take advantage of the plus points aplenty of cloud-based web services, of which there are many providers. But what is it about Amazon Web Services that might make it a particularly good choice for today’s new and evolving organisations and business setups? We’ll tell you.

Cost-effective, scalable, stop-start services  

Like other cloud-based web services, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is entirely scalable and de-scalable, and you only pay for what you use. But you can also stop-start single and multiple services at specified points in time, with no termination or penalty charges, whether this is for 10 or 1000 users.  

As increasing numbers of people go into business for themselves, freelancing, contracting and selling their specialist, niche products and services to rapidly-changing and emerging markets, inevitably some of these will be stop-start, and need their cloud service provider to be so too. Amazon knows its markets well, and caters accordingly. 

And if you need to plan your costs in detail, Amazon make it easy, by providing a monthly calculator that estimates your cost according to your usage and future plans. What could be clearer and more straightforward? 

Flexibility and choice 

Unlike some other cloud-based web providers, AWS offers complete ease in building your operating environment, allowing you to choose your own programming language, operating system and databases. You just load your required software and applications and away you go. 


AWS is powerful. Costs can be saved while achieving higher than expected performances in running AWS applications, compared to other alternatives. Let’s face it when you’ve got the likes of Netflix, Kellogg’s, Airbnb, Netflix and Nasa using AWS, it’s safe to assume that there are unlikely to be any major issues with speed and capacity.  


This is a big one, and a significant selling point for AWS. (Refer to aforementioned global companies all using AWS.) Your business, by using AWS will instantly increase your business security and that of your customers. AWS operates with world-class security protocols, keeping your data safe whatever size of business through its use of high-end data centres. AWS also runs many compliance programmes and has extensive security support of the highest calibre. Both, level of protection from attack, and disaster recovery ability, are second-to-none. 

Summing up 

Scalability and flexibility, with the associated pay-as-you-go costing of AWS, already make AWS a business-sense cloud provision option for today’s flexing, evolving organisations. But it is really the level of security with AWS that takes its offer to another level. There is so much peace of mind in the knowledge that your professional compliance, when it comes to data protection and that of your customers, is taken care of, with your full control to monitor your AWS environment.  

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