If you’ve ever moved offices, tried to implement a different IT system or had new office equipment installed, you might already know the potential for snagging and the questions from staff and colleagues trying to get to grips with what they rapidly need to know to get their jobs done.

Bash out all the issues, with a Cultrix floorwalker

In the long run, the change will be worth it, but to ease you over the adjustment and get everyone up and running quicker you might wish for someone knowledgeable and friendly who can come in to walk the floor, to help staff, systems and equipment integrate seamlessly together.

Not all IT support companies will offer a floorwalking service, but our Cultrix techies are real people who can actually exist away from their screens! You don’t have to have bought your equipment or new system from us to request a Cultrix floorwalker, and you can request our presence for any IT-related reason, but we’ve found that our people talking to your people, directly about what they need is the easiest, and happiest, way to get issues resolved.

There’s no limit to what you and your team can ask us about IT while we are with you. It’s often a great value-adding by-product of an afternoon’s floorwalking that staff have ‘mini-training sessions’. Those IT niggles they’ve been meaning to resolve; a query about the software they’re using; advice on how best to organise their files, or how to save some time with repetitive admin tasks. Business continuity and efficiency, using the best IT has to offer, is our reason for being, so our Cultrix technicians love to help in any way they can. Issues or not, whatever the reason, or whatever training needs you have, a Cultrix floorwalker for a day is a great service for the immediate and long-term benefits of IT-know-how and staff confidence.

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