If you have IT support for your business and you have a personal tech issue, are you really going to struggle with it, or, be honest, find an excuse to call your service desk and ask them instead? It’s effectively free, personal IT help.

Business tech helps personal tech

There’s no data (that we know of) on how having professional IT and tech support helps your personal tech get into better shape too, but it’s a natural by-product of having friendly, capable technicians to hand, that you won’t get charged for. So many issues of business tech cross over into personal tech you will, naturally and seamlessly, pick up better habits just by having the expert help there.

Driving best practice

A professional IT support provider will drive best practice for your business in terms of its security and compliance, which can only help you. And the knock-on effects of this might mean that you know about certain tech-related areas, for instance, when it comes to setting up a home network for you and your family, enabling two-factor authentication (2FA), organising files and storing data, and backup. All these things feature in your personal IT life, which you will be better equipped to deal with, to a higher level of security and safety, than if you had no professional IT and tech support at all.

It’s unlikely that your business IT support company will offer it as a service, to pick their brains on your personal IT issues. But if they are customer-focused and interested in developing a relationship with you, you will feel comfortable asking them the occasional query and they will be only too happy to help.

Continuous improvement

Your IT support provider should be on the path of continuous improvement; having your tech systems in their sights when it comes to helping you use the best for your business. They will review your setup, perhaps annually at least, and provide you with ‘vulnerability’ reports that show you where you can improve.

Every report and every suggestion for upgrade will help you stay ahead in your personal tech too, almost without knowing it as you gradually learn the language of IT.

As IT changes, behaviours and society also change, and why shouldn’t you implement what you know that’s good for business, into your personal tech habits? Your IT support provider won’t charge you extra for educating you, but it’s just another way a reputable business tech provider, who is there for the long term, can help you, having many positive repercussions for you both in and outside of the office.

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